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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

I am as thrilled as this guy is ripped and insane looking!

My wife has generously offered me the office next to our bedroom as my office/workout room, FINALLY! (I have uselessly attempted to negotiate for it before) For years she’s been opposed to me having a workout room, some lamo excuse of not having enough space. Who doesn’t have room for more muscle mass and health? How can you not make room for that? This time, logic was overrated and I desperately want a workout room.

The Lord knew what I wanted, He heard my prayer all these years. But He also knew what my wife wanted and heard her prayers too. She’s such a prayer hog. I bet she woke up extra early to beat me to the throne room with her petitions of keeping me a scrawny white man.

I imagine it must take some fancy footwork to answering opposing prayers. Moving my wife to a particular idea is no doubt harder than moving a mountain. All I can say is, this woman is as stubborn as her @$$ is superior.

But…bygones be bygones. All that matters now are the glistening muscles I will create and the remorse she will feel for not doing this sooner. And maybe the major up-kick in sexual attraction that will result from it all. (le-dreamy-sigh) I will basically be irresistable.

Goodbye current workout room in God’s great outdoors that I never use. My beloved bench encased with rust and packed with all manner of critter within its tubular walls and cozy dark holes is finally coming home. After we soak it down with Dawn dish liquid and water that is. FYI: that mix kills any and all creepy crawlies there might be, big and small.

So, the order of the day is:

Work on house from 8:00 am to 12:30 lunch. From 1:30 to 2:30 we do bible and from that to 5:30 we do homesteading which will involve moving that bench to the front for cleansing. (Kids schedules are different from adults. Just wanted to add that for all my beloved, well-meaning hawk-eyes that hover at my parental heels lol)

On the house part, we cleaned out the stair room yesterday (which turned out to be an all day affair. I had more shit in that room than I realized and no way was I doing a Little Man relocation clean job, so I had to go through it and organize it before finding a place for it. Which ended up being Slender’s old room)

Well, I was going to close with pics but my stupid i-phone is doing something extra weird and not letting me. Or it’s the Mac, but then, same shitake. Will trouble shoot later, gotta run!

More pics being taken today too of stair room progress. Stay tuned!

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