Is exercise worth it? – Joshua Gould

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You always hear people talk about the benefits of exercise but what are they actually? Well for some they say it’s an amazing way to boost your immune health and even a great antidepressant for when you are feeling down. But without all the hubbub and medical jargon what does all this mean?

That is what I want to cover here so that you don’t get caught up in fancy wordplay and start to wonder what your exercise routine is actually even doing. Stripping it down to the framework here is what exercise can do for you.

  • It makes you feel happier, it being an antidepressant is universally undisputed so with that said It will help to clear your mind and vastly improve mood.
  • It’s good for you (Crazy to have to say but it’s true) it will strengthen your muscles and increase bone density.
  • It helps you to kick that sluggish feeling, exercise will insanely boost energy levels so that you can always truck through the day.
  • If weight loss is your thing then exercise has the potential to give it to you in spades, not only will you have more energy but will also start to shed pounds with the right routine.
  • It can help to reduce stress, that for me is one of the most important benefits that it can offer you. Nothing to me is more important than having a nice relaxed mind.

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How do I get started then?

If what I have listed above has enticed you to want to better your life and start exercising then let me tell you how simple it’s to start exercising.

So your first few questions I can already guess:

  1. What exercises should I do?
  2. How do I make a routine?
  3. And where can I exercise at?

As for number one there’re thousands of personal trainers that you could contact about what kind of exercises net the most benefit but skip all that and just do some research from trusted sources such as:

After reading those make sure you choose something that you are able to do at your ability level and stick to it.

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Going off of number one and into number two, How do I make a routine? This is where a lot of people will fail and it is because a lot of the time they don’t ease into the routine that they want to stick to. The absolute best way to start is slowly, twice a week even is an amazing start and is something that I highly recommend and work up to three or four times a week. For the more advanced it will change up but this is a good base line to start with.

The other major parts about routines is what exercises to do when and that is entirely up to you and your fitness level so once again take to the internet and look for workout routines that spike your interest maybe ones that have fun activities so that it is more mentally engaging for you like swimming or zumba.

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Now to number three which is the easiest to answer, anywhere! I know I know, what do you mean anywhere? I mean anywhere you can exercise in gym and pay a subscription sure but you can exercise at home as well or in a park if you want. The sky is the limit my friend. Now go have fun and improve yourself!

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