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Ketogenic Valley In biology, immunity refers to the body ‘s ability to defend itself against threatening substances for its proper functioning or survival. These “threats” can be of 3 orders: microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites), cells that have become cancerous or a foreign body (a splinter, as well as a grafted organ).

It has long been known that with age or disease , immunity weakens and the body becomes more vulnerable to Ketogenic Valley Fitness infection . These last ones often become more frequent and more serious. A common flu can then degenerate into pneumonia and be fatal.

That said, we also note that some apparently healthy adults with a normal amount of immune cells (according to blood tests) often contract infections such as colds or gastroenteritis. On the contrary, under similar conditions, others are more resistant . The Ketogenic Valley difference would be played out essentially in terms of lifestyle habits . Indeed, many data from epidemiological studies indicate that diet, smoking, sleep, physical activity, the degree of stress, the quality of human relations and the living environment all influence the quality of the response. immune 1–3 .

Thus, health and immunity are closely linked: taking care of one’s day-to-day health improves one’s immunity, and vice versa.

The Risk Factors section introduces lifestyle habits that weaken immune defenses, and the Prevention section , those that can reinforce them.

If, at a given moment, the body needs an outside boost, various additional solutions can be used. The Medical Treatments and Complementary Approaches sections are the most commonly used.

The following symptoms may be a sign of a weakened immune system. A tired persistent, often hides a chronic Ketogenic Valley Weight loss Tips stress or lack of sleep, two factors that weaken immunity. Increased susceptibility to infections , such as frequent colds, urinary tract infections, herpes outbreaks, recurring vaginitis, persistent wart, etc.

People who are weakened by one of the following factors are particularly affected: a chronic or serious illness : diabetes, lung disease, cardiovascular disorder, kidney disease, cancer, Ketogenic Valley Fitness human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection ), etc. a treatment : for example, chemotherapy against cancer.

Older people generally have an immune system that responds less rapidly and less to infections than middle-aged adults. Moreover, this explains that vaccination is less effective among them. Their smaller appetite and their less varied diet explain this in part. The thinning of the skin , the drying of the mucous membranes and the slower Ketogenic Valley Reviews healing of the wounds also contribute a lot. Indeed, the body envelope is the most important safeguard against infections. Over time, the body also produces fewer white blood cells .

We all want to remain active until old age and, most importantly, to minimize the period of disability associated with old age. We do not want to be sick, bedridden and suffering for years, nor to depend on others.

Is it possible? The scientific data tell us that yes: to a certain extent, life expectancy in good health or life expectancy without disability can be extended . In medical language, this is called reducing morbidity . But for now, the elderly are sick, on average, for the last eight years of their lives 3 .

To put oneself in this perspective, Ketogenic Valley Review one must not forget that the figures given for what is called life expectancy at birth no longer apply when one is getting older, that is, say when we have already survived the risks of perinatal mortality and accidents of crazy youth. The longer we live, the longer we are likely to live.

The figures above, let us recall, are statistical: women who are now 90 years old will live up to 95 years, on average. Ketogenic Valley Visit official webpage But many will reach 100 years and older. In addition, the maximum lifespan of humans still peaks around 105 years to 110 years, with a few exceptions 5 .

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