Ode to the Bench Press – Fit At Midlife

Bench bros of the world unite! The bench press is back — and I’ll explain why.
The bench press builds massive pecs AND you get to lay down while doing it. This shows proper form — feet flat on floor, thumbs around grip, etc.
Nothing demonstrates upper body strength like a heavy bench press. Wearing a powerlifting “onesie” is optional.
Here in the year 2019 we arch our backs when we bench press. Also squeeze your shoulder blades together. And use your lats.
he official stock photo caption for this is “Female trainer helping guy to train in the gym”. I’d like the gym’s address, please.
Don’t press like this. Use a barbell and a bench. Regardless, I give these ladies an “A” for effort.
Hmmm… doesn’t quite look right from this angle either. Try again ladies.
Now we’re talking… Here we see an Olympic barbell in use with a thumbs around grip, upper back and butt flat on the bench, with a mild arch to promote shoulder safety and maximum mechanical advantage.
The thumbless grip is not recommended for the bench press — it’s an accident waiting to happen.
Waaaah — my wrists hurt.
This back arch doesn’t just look pretty — it puts your muscles in a better mechanical position and it helps protect your shoulders.
Who says the bench isn’t versatile? You can also row your 2 lb pink dumbbells on it…
Ab exercises — fun to watch, not so much to do them.
We know the bench press is important — there are competitions and world records that involve it.
“Excuse me miss — do you mind giving me a spot?”

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