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Melissa carrying her son, Isaac.

One of the hardest things for me to accept after giving birth was the fact that my body wasn’t going to snap back to normal once we left the hospital. Since I had a C-section, I had layers and layers of stitching that had to heal before I could even think about hitting the gym. The idea of sitting at home for weeks with little mobility frustrated me.

Melissa at the gym in 2018.

My Love for Fitness

Before I became pregnant, I was SUPER active. I loved working out and would spend a lot of time at the gym. To me, working out was a form of therapy where I could release tensions and stress by lifting weights. After having Isaac, I was itching for this same type of relief. So how did I manage to get through my recovery time without my squat rack? I adapted my workout routine.

This was a huge challenge for me because I’ve always been the type to do heavy lifting and HIIT (high intensity interval training). I had to adjust my intensity, pace, duration, and frequency of my workouts.

Melissa practicing deep breathing.


Although I couldn’t do much physical activity at first, I still needed to help my body recover. Since I used an oxygen tube for the majority of my labor, my lungs became very weak. In order to prevent sickness, I had to strengthen my breathing. One way that I worked on this was through yoga and meditation! Every day I would spend time focusing on deep breaths and good posture. Overtime, I was able to do more activities and focus on stretching. This was extremely beneficial to me because my body had really cramped up while I was pregnant! Today, I still practice deep breathing techniques and stretching whenever I find time!

Melissa walking with her dog, Gunner, and son, Isaac.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love walking with my family. It’s such a nice time to relax and enjoy nature. Once I was out of the hospital, I was dying to be outside! When I finally felt up to it, my husband and I pulled out the baby stroller and dog leash and hit the local walking trails. I couldn’t walk very far distances at first, but overtime, I was able to work my strength back up. After a while, I even started to carry Isaac in a strap-on carrier, which is like walking around with a weighted vest on. This adds a little bit of a challenge to my walks and helps to strengthen my core and back. Although this is very different from the sprints I used to run, walking really benefits me by building my endurance up for all of the walking and standing that I have to do while taking care of my baby.

Melissa walking with her dog, Gunner, and son, Isaac.

Despite being a former “gym rat,” I’m surprisingly happy with my adjusted workout routine. This new lifestyle works so well with the new household dynamic because I can still bond with the family while I do my exercises! I never would have thought I would love my adaptations as much as I do, but they’re helping me to form the body type that I need in order to keep up with my busy life as a mom.

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