How Functional Health Coach, Stesha Reukauf, is Revolutionizing the Women’s Wellness Industry and Her Biggest Tips for You

Stesha Reukauf is a 6 figure entrepreneur & thought leader in the online women’s health coaching space, inspiring women not only to feel better, but to be balanced, confident, & empowering leaders of their own lives.

Her coaching program has changed the way women pursue health as an entire movement — a paradigm shift — that teaches women to heal themselves on a deeper level than ever seen before. Not only is Stesha one of the most informative & interesting health-conscious women to follow on social media, but she’s also deeply caring and compassionate, too. Stesha lives on a cattle ranch in Montana with her husband where she and her team work remotely with hundreds of women every day. You can find more about Stesha and apply to work with her here:

I live on a cattle ranch with my husband in Montana. We raise organic, grass-fed cows in Eastern Montana. We both were engineers and met at an engineering firm 5 years ago. We recently quit our jobs to move back to the family ranch and run the business.

After working as a chemical engineer for 3 years, I was unfulfilled in the role I was playing in the world and tired of being told what to do. I started my entrepreneurial journey outside my 9 to 5 by becoming a Crossfit trainer and coaching classes at the local gym. I then studied for and earned multiple nutrition and strength and conditioning certifications. I began taking on nutrition coaching clients while working full time as an engineer.

This was a very stressful time of my life as I was juggling studying, work, and coaching clients on top of training as a competitive athlete. There were many times that I chose all of these things over my boyfriend at the time, friends, and family.

After a year of chaos, I decided to go part-time as an engineer so that I could put more time towards my new coaching business. I increased the number of clients I took on drastically and was able to quit my engineering job and coach full time from home. This was my ultimate dream scenario and was relieved to finally stop living a dual life!

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though, I did come across many barriers in this process. For example, other nutritionists reporting my business, formal employers taking legal action, etc. But nothing stopped me from pursuing my passion! My WHY was bigger than all of those adversities and I credit my passion for getting me through those tough times.

My business model is to keep it as simple as possible while providing as much value as possible. Before I begin my workday, I reiterate my “WHY” which keeps me centered on caring for the client FIRST while also respecting my boundaries and self-worth.

I have a BS in chemical engineering and a BS in bioengineering. I worked as an engineer designing equipment for the petroleum industry. After 3 years of working in a corporate setting, I felt completely devoid of passion and fulfillment.

At the time I found Crossfit and was getting super competitive as it was the ONE THING that I looked forward to at the end of a long workday. As an endurance runner who struggled with eating disorders, exercise addiction, and body image issues, CrossFit was the first thing that encourages me to be strong, take up space, and eat more! Each year, CrossFit Games holds an online qualifier called the Open where everyone in the world competes against each other and is ranked in categories — at the peak of my competitive career, I placed 7th in the state and am very proud of that.

With the increase in training as a competitive athlete on top of my stressful career, came burnout and hormonal issues I never knew existed. I was forced to take a break from training, prioritize my health, and redefine my identity.

After the transformation I went through, I had no choice but to pursue health coaching for women who are going through the same hurdles of body image, exercise addiction, and hormonal issues.

I am certified as a Personal training, CrossFit trainer, certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionists with the ISSN, Certified hormone and fertility specialist for women, and currently completed a Function Nutrition Certification along with a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine through Quantum University.

I learned that starting and growing a business doesn’t just involve creating a website, sales calls, and coaching clients. NO, instead it’s about self-development and growth as a person.

I think about how my life would look if I was still an engineer in a cushy corporate job and it’s frightening. I can’t picture half the personal growth that I’ve gone through by owning a business and for that I’m grateful.

The level of passion, care, and communication. I believe I am one of the few health and nutrition coaches out there that truly give a shit about their clients and provide them NOT only with strategies and accountability but completely uproot their mindset and provide them the space to create massive personal development. I believe I am one of the few coaches who provide the full package of health, nutrition and life coaching.

That I am enough. That I am worthy of love, recognition, and success. That I have my purpose on this planet is to help women transform into the highest versions of themselves.

Passion, purpose, intention, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and influence. Organization and time management are great qualities, too!

It’s so important because it serves as a storefront for a potential customer. It serves as a platform to speak my beliefs, connect with my audience, and serve my community in ways that were never possible before. It allows for potential customers to connect with me, get excited about what I do and how it’s going to benefit them, and they are quick to decide to sign up and get started.

I’ve truly been able to make my mess, my message. Growing up with an alcoholic/narcissist mother and a codependent father, I had such low self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love. Starting an online business forced me to address these limiting beliefs head-on and grow to the outspoken, passionate, and loving woman I am today. The only regret I have is starting this journey sooner. I am in love with the NOW and am so excited for the future. Thank you for the interview!

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