Ways I Maintain My Health in College in 2019 – Khadejah Jones

Methods I use to sustain my mental and physical health in while being a college student

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Let’s face it, college in this day and age is a lot to deal with and frankly it’s something I wish I could drop out of sometimes.

I have exam after exam after exam and then a few minutes later I feel my head pounding. Stress headaches are no joke and something I get often when I feel overwhelmed or I have a lot on my plate.

On top of the dreaded anticipation of exams, I have club activities, events, and a bunch of scripts I have to memorize each day for my Japanese class.

Of course if we all had our way, no one would go to college and everyone would just live their lives without the stress of wondering if they are going to walk out with a degree or not.

Whenever I have days when the tension in my brain builds up and I feel like I am going to explode from frustration. I always remember that the best way to beat something is to deal with it.

Now I’ve definitely found myself in the same boat hundreds of times so if you think there is some magical potion to overcome stress in college, the first step to take is to realize that this will never happen.

You’re always going to have some sort of stress in anything you do and it’s a human emotion that everyone has. Stress is apart of life and I grow to accept that even more because I’m not getting any younger and I want to enjoy life later on.

In the end, college is just a hurdle that people need to pass and move on. With all of the trauma I went through when I was a freshman, I started to realize how I wasn’t alone and I thought to myself: you’re life doesn’t stop when college starts.

As I move throughout my college career, I’ve found ways to work around my crazy class schedule and start implementing more of my personality and enjoyment into it, rather than feeling like a robot every day.

The most important things I started to make apart of my everyday college life were exercise, self-care, and lazy time.

Exercise seems like an obvious way to stay healthy in college but there is much more behind this idea than you think.

Working out isn’t something that I’m good at sticking to and I even find myself missing a couple days here and there, but if I don’t work out, I become more pessimistic, my body feels laggy, and I find myself getting less work done.

Working out in college at least three days a week has really helped my brain stay focused and consistent on reaching all of the goals I have planned for that day.

And since most colleges have free workout facilities for students, it would be a shame not to utilize it for your benefit. I also found out that it could be really fun in the gym.

There are times when I get on the treadmill for a few minutes, do some elliptical, some weights, and I even try out a new machine that I’ve never seem in my life.

I also tend to study much better after I just got back from a workout. Your adrenaline is still rushing and it’s easier to maintain information in your head.


I have to wash my clothes, make my bed, clean my bathroom, and a whole bunch of other chores that my mom would have done if I stayed at home.

That’s how I first viewed doing chores when I first got to college. I was lazy and would make excuses not to do them because I felt like I had more important things to worry about.

I’d always put them off to do the following week(which I never stuck to). The next thing you know you have a very messy room and you actually have a lot of other things you need to get done that day.

Living in a pig sty definitely isn’t fun but overtime I started to care more about my room. Making sure everything was clean and I wasn’t messing up the floor with food like always.

Actually taking care of yourself really does improve your mindset and it makes you feel like you’re having a more productive day. I realized that even the little things like brushing my teeth or putting on lotion make me feel better about my day.

I feel like I’m not wasting my time and as a college student, wasting time is probably the worst thing you can do.

Since I have somewhat of an addiction to my phone. Whenever I pull it out and start to use it, that’s usually when things start to go downhill.

Most of the time, I feel like I always have to put it in a different part of my room so I don’t get distracted. Then I never get distracted, my eyes are glued to my computer screen or on a piece of paper and I go to sleep that night feeling like I never had any time to myself.

Pulling out your phone for a few minutes isn’t always a bad thing. To be honest my phone is like a comforter to me sometimes. Because of all the content I like to consume online, it just feels like I’m in my happy place sometimes.

There’s also those times when you don’t want to do anything all day but just chill for a while and not think about doing anything else and this is completely fine.

I just make sure to get more done the day prior so I can afford to be lazy for a day and clear my mind. This really helped me more than anything because this showed me it’s okay to slack off a little bit in college, living in the moment is one of the most important things as a college student and you don’t want to let these moments pass by so quickly.

Just make sure that when you’re done with your scheduled lazy time, you jump right into whatever task you have next.

Under all the stress and trauma you’ll probably face in college, it’s also a chapter of your life that you don’t want to throw away. The experiences you’ll have in college will mature your mind each day and with every new obstacle comes new growth.

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