Hey! Real talk. One of the hardest things is believing in yourself. Trust me.⁣⁣

For the longest time, I said I was going to do certain things but didn’t because I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t believe I had the capabilities of doing “XYZ”. ⁣⁣

It wasn’t until recently that I realized some things. I can help others all day long & I can tell others what to do to reach their goals without any hesitation. Not a problem.⁣⁣

➡️ “Hey, the scale isn’t going down. What do I do?” Jake, it’s been 6 days. Be patient my friend.⁣⁣

➡️ “I’m traveling this week & don’t have access to equipment. Any suggestions?” Let me upload 3 bodyweight workouts to the app & I’ll send a few options for gyms nearby with a day pass.⁣⁣

➡️ “My shoulder hurts during flat bench chest press. Options?” Try a neutral chest press or go with an incline.⁣⁣

➡️ “My back hurts when doing the good morning?” Try to sit your hips back toward the wall more & not round.⁣⁣

➡️ “I’m going to a party & worried about eating everything. What should I do?” You have a few options: make something to take with you, eat before you get there, or don’t worry about it, have fun & get back on track tomorrow.⁣⁣

But when it comes to my own journey, the belief I have in myself has delayed my abilities for tomorrow. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that for myself.⁣⁣

To make change in yourself & be most successful, it starts with you. It starts with you believing in who you are.⁣⁣

We are all fighting our own version of ourself & it differs for each individual. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, start expecting things of yourself. Yes, it will not go as planned as there will be bumps in the road — maybe even large potholes. Maybe even boulders blocking your path that you’ll have to climb over. But if you want success, you’ll need to believe in yourself. When you really & I mean really believe in yourself, you’ll find a way & a means to achieve what you want in ways that you never thought possible.⁣⁣

So, whatever it is you have going on and whatever goals you have in life, the first step is the following: believe in yourself.⁣


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