Beau & Jester’s Fantasy Fight Club – David Nett

Illustration of Beau & Jester courtesy of Amy King | @sephiramy

Hero’s Journey Fitness is a nerdy gym in Burbank, CA, dedicated to the conviction that fitness belongs to everyone. We help our fellow nerds get strong and healthy through collaboration, not competition. David is one of HJF’s owners.

At Hero’s Journey Fitness on Saturday, August 24, we introduced our Critical Role themed CritFit workout, “Beau & Jester’s Fantasy Fight Club.” Sadly, not all Critters live within a driving radius of Burbank (and we’d have a hard time fitting all of you in the gym if you did, though you can bet we’d damn well try). So, we thought we’d post the workout here, in case any Critters wanna try it at home.

This is a long post, so bear with us.

First, you’ll find the workout exactly as written for our gym, including all adaptation stacks and gym equipment. Then, a version of the workout that’s more appropriate for your living room, with implements you likely have in your home. If you see a movement you don’t know, you can almost always find a demonstration video on YouTube if you search — we’ll have such videos of our own, eventually. When we do, we’ll come back & add them in 😉

This is primarily a conditioning workout — cardio & power throughout, with no pure strength movements. With 1:00 cycles & lots of rest, nerds will control intensity through pace, and in a few cases in the implements they choose. Fast pace = more intensity. EZ Pace, more rest = more recovery. Like Fight Clubs, this is a sweater, not a thinker. Remember, you are in charge of your intensity. Listen to your body and work at the pace that fits your journey. If you’re just beginning, you may want to break this in half, and do just the first or second half as your workout. Or, you might want to do both halves, but each only one time through. OR, you might increase the transition time between stations to 1:00. Adapt the workout to fit your needs, and be patient with yourself. Every journey has got to start somewhere.

Throughout the workout, you’ll see a movement adaptation stack. It looks like this:

  • Base Movement (Simplest Adaptation, Simpler Adaptation, Simple Adaptation | Complex Adaptation, More Complex Adaptation, Most Complex Adaptation)

This allow you to choose an adaptation that best fits your body and ability. The pipe (“|”) shows where the base movement is in the adaptation stack.

The Story:

Beau & Jester are characters from Critical Role: Campaign 2, heroes and members of the adventuring party The Mighty Nein. Early in their adventures, the Mighty Nein stumble onto a secret Fight Club, and the two of them decide they want to give it a try. Beau is a Monk and master hand-to-hand combatant, and Jester is a Trickster Cleric who loves sweets, and not much of a boxer. When Caleb (the party’s Wizard) uses a Haste spell on Beau right as the fight starts, Jester uses her magic powers in response to gain the upper hand (inflict wounds). Beau responds by going punch-crazy, handily defeating Jester. Fortunately, once Jester awakens from Beau’s knockout blow (after being splashed with a bucket of water), they both agree the fight was AWESOME!

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