The short answer to that question is, no. But, if you are staying at a place that has a sweet, decked-out gym then good for you and go have some fun.

Going to a gym is nice because there is a large variety of equipment, lots of classes, social interaction and because misery loves company.

But, all that equipment may be sweat-stained by that dude that doesn’t know how to wipe things down. And, to be honest, you will not use most of the pieces of equipment anyway.

Sometimes people suck and having to be around them when you exercise just makes the whole experience worse.

Maybe you prefer to sweat, make ugly faces and struggle with your exercises in the privacy of your hotel room.

Regardless of where you like to make your ugly faces, doing so without a plan can leave you feeling lost and wondering, “Where do I begin?”

Make sure you have a plan no matter where you train. Winging it is ok on occasion but long-term progress cannot be made when “Winging It” has been the name of your workout for the last 12 months. Make sure you read all the way to the end. I am going to give you a sample travel workout.

Get some bands. Whether you train at a gym or in your hotel room, bands are essential. Some gyms have them but the often “walk away” so the gyms become reluctant to leave them out.

The full article can be viewed by clicking the link below. The article has tons of videos and a sample workout for you to try.

Until next time,

Dr. Tom

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