How I Fixed My Chronic Dry Eyes – Diana Lee

Blood shot eyes again — I stare at the drab staff bathroom mirror hoping my manager doesn’t think I secretly smoke weed in my past time.

Another day had come where I cry silent tears like a strong but abandoned victorian woman, but instead from the cracking agony of my dry eyes.

Exacerbated by contact lenses that have almost certainly become a permanent fixture of my optic anatomy (I am blind as a bat) and my full-time job working with sterile air constantly blown to my face (I work in a lab), I lived my life suffering the horrendous-dry-eyes syndrome accepting it as some cruel karmic punishment for stealing oil lamps in my past life (my friend once got told by a buddhist monk that she stole oil lamps in her past life and thus she needs to make up for it in her present life; I thought I could have done something similar to suffer this fate).

In my struggle I have tried eye-drops of all kinds, I tried taking frequent breaks staring into the evergreen trees outside, lush and fresh from the freedom that comes from not having to pay off a mortgage. I also tried unblocking my eyelids’ oil glands (AKA meiobian glands). You should Youtube this and have a go, you will see what looks like pizza oil oozing out of your eyes and ofcourse this is a highly satisfying experience.

But nothing worked — Untill that is when I started taking a high concentration vitamin B complex. I started taking vitamin B largely because of my lack of energy which dissipated from my existence since I hit puberty (is it just the realities of life or change in hormones that saps energy out of you?). However I started noticing that I stopped looking like a blazed 30 year old woman in a lab coat and ceased to stream tears down my face whilst holding a scalpel — which all felt very nice and assuring to my colleagues.

So I had a quick read about vitamin B and dry eyes. It seems vitamin B5 is used in eye drops to treat dry eyes. In addition, I read that the improvement experienced after a 12 week trial of vitamin B12 by patients suffering from severe dry eyes (and resulting eye pain) was “remarkable” in one particular paper. Furthermore, low levels of vitamin B12 can be associated with people suffering from aged-related macular degeneration (which can cause permanent vision loss — SCARY) and was concluded that supplementation with B12, B6 and B9 may increase the likelihood of preventing such disease in women (who were at risk).

My lethargy had come to be of use for once in my life!

Thanks to my drab energy levels I took a vitamin B complex which fortuitously relieved me from my chronic dry eyes. Yay me!

You may want to ask if vitamin B helped me with my energy levels. Well I’m not 100% certain, but I do think I am less tired than I usually was. I don’t tend to collapse on the couch anymore after work but I’m not sure if it is because I changed jobs and my present job is incomparably better than my previous. But if you suffer from dry eyes I highly recommend taking a high dose vitamin B complex. It hasn’t completely cured me from dry eyes but it is 90% better than what it used to be — less eye pain means more gain.

I’ve written what my vitamin B capsule includes below. If you liked what you read so far, please clap those Medium hands for some much needed encouragement!


FYI — I take a high dose vitamin B complex which you take only ONE a day. Too much of one nutrient is never good for you. My vitamin B complex includes per capsule:

  • Vitamin B1–110mg
  • Vitamin B2–110mg
  • Vitamin B3–100mg (you do not want more than 100mg of B3 a day as it can lead to side effects)
  • Vitamin B5–110mg
  • Vitamin B6–110mg
  • Vitamin B7–120mcg (mcg means micrograms, 1000 times less than mg)
  • Vitamin B9–300mcg
  • Vitamin B12–50mcg
  • and Choline and Inositol (vitamin B like compounds) — 55mg each

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