Choosing your commute to work and its impact on your life

Ever since I decided to join the new office which is around 7 km ride back home, I have been speculating all the commute means namely Motorbike, Electric bike to public transport such as uber, no bus on that route though. The struggle was real as it takes over 15 min to cross one signal following all traffic rules (India we are talking about fellas!)

I was left with not many options around, I am lazy but selective lazy, now I had to choose my laziness-

  1. Uber/Auto– The daily struggles of finding public transport, spending a hefty amount and the total uncertainty of whether or not you are getting another one for the way back. [Costly for everyday affair and hard to get :P; -200Rs, ~90 mins)
  2. Motor/electric bikes– I had lost hopes with this one when once after walking for a good 20 minutes in a relatively secluded area, the first bike I found didn’t give many signs of life and another one turned to be punctured. [Felt like playing Pokemon Go every time; -100Rs, ~75 mins]
  3. Bicycle– I already had one, the only con will be my aching body in the initial days [-1Rs, ~45 mins; for pumping air once a week]
Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

This is how I look, every morning riding to my office except that the background is the busy street in Bangalore, sony signal to be precise.

It has been over a month now and this is my observations-

  1. No more Excuses- I ride for good 7 km 5 days a week without any excuses. Pro tip- There could be no excuse as going to work pay bills.
  2. Exercise- I am lazy to take me to the gym every day. Now I am sweating regularly during my 45 min long bike rides, Sweating regularly as a result of working out is very much essential for good health according to doctors.
  3. Shocks, Praises, and Admiration- This was something unexpected but as people came to know, I have got a few shocking reactions which I have started enjoying now. 🙂 The most enjoyable are the slight jealous + admiring glance from people sitting inside there cars whom I cross by in a minute by riding on sidepaths when they know they may take 20 mins for the same distance.
  4. Better Reflex and Stamina– I honestly had forgotten about my reflex powers till I found cars and bikes passing by me with roaring speeds. Stamina has been up by me taking advantage of the few roads where the ratio of free by occupied space is in positive and few roads taking advantage of me whose angle <180 degrees. The whole adrenaline rush of overcoming many hurdles along the way gives you a different high.
  5. Views – Riding along with huge trees even in bustling traffic gives a much-needed break from electronic screens, your mind gets clearer and you feel more active mentally after reaching your destination.
  6. Humane touch– From Thumbs up and cheers to genuine smiles and care to people asking your experience during traffic haul to your friends calling you rider. I feel more connected to the real world now by connecting to these strangers unexpectedly, strengthens my belief in kindness.
  7. Health– I have lost weight without putting extra efforts, my diet is back on track, I eat much better and on time than before, for sure my body pains at times but is getting stronger each day. I got my monthly cycles back on track, and overall my mental and physical health has improved too.

Along with so many advantages, I am reliving my good old school days and bringing back my adventure self on the surface. Choose your laziness between sitting inside cabs for hours and riding through it.

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