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Medicine for Enlarged Liver

What is liver enlargement:-The problem of liver enlargement is the lever becoming larger than normal. In medical parlance, it is called “hepatomegaly”. Medical Store in Pandav Nagar

What are the symptoms of liver enlargement: — Symptoms of the enlarged liver may not be seen. If your liver is growing due to any other liver disease then it may cause the following problems: Medical Store near Me

· stomach ache

· Fatigue

· Vomiting

· Yellowing of the skin and white eyes

When to see a doctor: — If you are seeing these symptoms, which are troubling you, then contact the doctor.

How to test liver enlargement: — Your doctor will try to find out if your liver is growing by touching your stomach. They will examine the shape and texture of your stomach. However, doing just this is not enough to test the liver enlargement problem.

Further investigation — If your doctor feels that your liver has increased, then he can advise you to get the following tests:

Blood test: — Blood tests are done to check enzyme levels in the liver and to detect viruses that may cause liver enlargement. Bhandari Dispensary

Imaging test: — A CT scan, ultrasound or MRI is done to test the disease Order Online Medicine.

· Hepa Merz Granules

· Codesoft Soft Gelatin Capsule

· REPL Dr. Advice №91 Spleen Drop

· REPL Dr. Advice №61 Liver Troubles Drop

· Milk Thistle


· Stimuliv Syrup

There are many medicines available for liver enlargement. All these medicines are given below. But be aware that you do not take any medicines without consulting your doctor. Taking medicines without a doctor’s advice can cause serious damage to your health. Order Online Medicine


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