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With access to so much information these days and with it being so easy to connect with people the world has become quite an overwhelming place to be.

Everywhere you look there are companies/businesses/somebody/anybody trying to sell you something. Trying to sell you a little piece of happiness.

Everyone claims that their product is the answer to all your prayers, the path to living the perfect life, the key to your overall wellbeing.

Is it any wonder the advertising industry is worth around $1.2 Trillion?

But in actual fact, none of these products will ever leave you feeling truly fulfilled.

Yes, of course, we all want to have nice things and provide a comfortable, stress-free life for ourselves and for our families, but depending on a product or some material possessions to make you happy is just a recipe for disaster.

You only have to take look at, what are considered, some of the most ‘successful’ people in the world. The ones who seem to ‘have it all’.

Sports stars, movie stars, world-famous musicians, celebrities, internet superstars, people famous just for being famous and the list goes on.

From a young age, we are led to believe that this is the pinnacle of success, having fame and fortune.

All the glitz and glamour, the popularity, having all the money in the world to buy anything you so desire, living a carefree and wonderful life, why wouldn’t you want all that, right?

It’s well documented that such ‘superstars’ are quite often the victim of depression and mental health issues.

Even with all that fame and fortune, hundreds of so-called friends and seemingly the world at their feet, nothing seems to fill that void and leave them feeling fulfilled in life, with most turning to drink or drugs to compensate for the feeling of emptiness inside, which is never a great solution, regardless of your social status— check out this clip for one such example.

So, fame, fortune and material possessions don’t bring true happiness then what does?

I’m a firm believer of the saying;

“You only get out what you put in”

And I believe this to be especially true when it comes to your health and fitness.

Let’s say you were to sit around all day, watching Netflix and stuffing your face full of junk food, sweets, chocolate and drinking litres of fizzy drinks you’re not gonna be looking or feeling so good, are you?

It wouldn’t take long before you’d put on some excess weight, most likely be feeling tired and sluggish all of the time and no doubt end up with some pretty serious health issues.

The same goes for your mental health.

For example;

Imagine spending your days watching the news, — which rarely contains any good news — scrolling through social media — a place filled with false representation, a lot of complaining and copious amounts of negativity — and watching mind-numbingly boring reality T.V shows all day, you’re probably gonna be feeling pretty down and mentally drained.

So, what do you do?

I believe that the key to achieving internal happiness — or at least it’s a great place to start — lies with having a healthy diet, for both mind and body, and a regular exercise routine.

As simple as that.

Now, I’m not saying you have to go full beast mode, cutting everything bad out of your life and start living in the gym.

Even small changes can make a huge difference.

For physical health;

  • Reducing sugar intake is a good place to start.
  • Adding fruits and vegetables to meals.
  • Removing processed foods from your diet if it comes in a box it’s probably not good for you. Try and stick to the outer aisles of the supermarket, that’s where most of the healthy food tends to be and if it comes from the ground or had a face when it was alive, then it’s usually O.K to eat.
  • Increase your water intake there are a few different recommendations on how much is beneficial, I tend to stick between 2–3 litres per day.
  • Exercisewalking as little as thirty minutes per day is enough to get started with, then as you feel yourself getting fitter you can push it a little further, walk for longer or try to increase the distance you cover within the thirty minutes. Just get your body moving and feel the rush of those endorphins throughout your body.

And for mental health;

  • Control the information you consumebe aware of the content that is being presented to you. Be it via T.V, radio, online, even face to face. If it’s full of negativity, switch it off or remove yourself from its presence, don’t allow those bad vibes into your life.
  • Cut back on social media an obvious one and for good reason. Though, it can be a useful tool to promote your work, so treat it as a resource if needs must. Be a creator not a consumer on social media.
  • Focus on learning something new every daywhether it’s through books/audiobooks, documentaries, podcasts, whichever you prefer, always try and seek out knowledge. Your mind is a muscle, exercise it with thoughts and problem-solving.
  • Meditation/Some ‘me’ timetake time to unwind and be alone with your thoughts. To analyse your life and contemplate your next move. We all need a bit of quiet time.
  • Spending time in nature this could also fall under physical health but I’ve placed it here for this reason; there is something about the great outdoors that is almost therapeutic. Taking a walk in a forest or a hike around some mountain ranges, even a walk in the park can do it. Taking in that fresh air and listening to the bird’s sing, it does wonders for your health.

These are just some of the basics that I have found useful to get started on a happier, healthier way of life, both physically and mentally.

When you feel good on the inside you can’t hide it on the outside and it is projected on all of those around you.

Look after your health and enjoy life to the fullest.

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