The Story of Well & Okay – Well & Okay

How this blog became a thing

The balance of finding wellness in our crazy culture.

I started writing about my health in 2017, when I began to sell my soul with personal essays. My health, both physical and mental, is a complex, perplexing, strange topic. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure while going through a divorce, discovered psychiatrists were prescribing medications simply for the kickbacks, and struggled to overcome my own concept of “failure” while getting snark from several therapists.

Over the years, I have received an incredible amount of conflicting (or just wrong) medical advice. My current PCP prescribed medication for ADHD and another for depression, but when I started having bad side effects I was kicked to another provider in her office, who made more changes to my medications than most doctors have in a psychiatric inpatient unit.

I know my body, and I know what answers I need. So I just started saying “….okay.”

The “well” of the blog is two forms; its focus on wellness, and also my fight back against traditional medicine. My habit is to say “well, but I think I need to do something else instead, or this medication won’t work, etc”.

So, I see what you did there, but “well…” but I don’t agree.

My goal for this publication is to write without editorial oversight about my medical experiences, if anything more than a dumping ground, but at best something others can relate to and I can help with these words. It’s about what happens when you take ownership of wellness but sometimes just have to say “okay” to move on with your life and get the medical help you actually need.

My mental and physical health challenges are in constant flux and take up an inordinate amount of time; I have spent dozens of hours a week trying to solve a problem, then clean up the messes those doctors created, back to square one.

If you have questions, please email them to me at at gmail. Stay tuned for more researched essays, interviews, and reviews of the medical care I have (not) received. I’m using this as a way to dip my toe back into writing as well, so if something doesn’t vibe with you…swipe left, please?

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