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I belong to an online discussion group of physicians who talk about money.

By far and away, the vast majority of threads have the same theme, “Please tell me what to do.”

You can tell by the answers to the problem, who can see nuance and who can’t. The answers that are simple, pert and to the point are the ones that are most often counterpointed by people whose answer depends on more information.

Should you buy or rent a home? Has answers from the simple “Buy,” and “Rent,” to more questions like, “What does it mean to you to own a home?”

We are so used to school telling us what to do, that even after being taught a course in Evidence-Based Medicine that is supposed to guide us on figuring out what to do on our own, that we remain steadfastly reliant on “authority” to make decisions. We wait for the guidelines and consensus statements, because that’s the thing we’ve been taught to do, without knowing why those statements exist, or how they are created.

You are not a cog in a machine. You are a living, thinking, compassionate professional who is trying to make the world a better place. There’s no cookbook for that.

The best answers are usually preceded by more questions first. School is over. It’s time to start really learning.

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