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Here’s a weird one.

My butt is killing me. Not my butt, really, but where the hamstrings attach to the top of my pelvis, above my butt. It’s a smaller muscle that helps you balance and control the sideways movement of your legs.

The muscle hurts because I don’t use it much. And now I am. I run which, obviously, is a forward-moving exercise. So, I don’t use this muscle much compared to it’s larger and more famous partner, the gluteus maximus. The maximus helps pull my thigh downward when I run. Perfect for forward movement. I’m doing a new workout now, with more lateral motion, that puts this comparatively weaker muscle in play. So it’s sore.

Doing something different is key to any improvement. It’s obvious when you think about it. Once we learn how to do something, we have to expand to improve. So we do lateral exercises. Or learn a new knitting knot. This is why marathoners do sprints. They need more than the long drudge of mere miles to earn their best times. This is why we do word problems in math. This is why we experiment with whole wheat flour instead of using the bleached white stuff. Different results required different inputs.

What do you want to improve? What are you doing to maintain your skills? What do you need to do to stretch and compliment those skills? Whatever it is, it will be awkward at first. But what you are good at felt awkward once, too. Keep at it, though, and the new habit begins to feel comfortable. It starts to feel right. And then you’re on the track to improvement and accomplishment.

So have at it. Do something different. Put yourself in a weird place. Do something out of character. You’ll be better for it.


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