Sushruta & His Saṃhitā — Part 2 — To Europe with Love!

Marathi vlog — Sushruta & his Saṃhitā — Part 2 — To Europe with Love

So how do we make the leap from Cowasjee to Sushruta?

Surgeons and scholars agree that Sushruta is the father of surgery and the first principles of surgery are said to be written by him in 600 BC (?) in his treatise Sushruta Samhita (compendium).

We can now connect these dots, that the potter was unwittingly practicing a skill passed within his family called, nasikasadhana — a method prescribed by Sushruta in his compendium Sushruta Samhita.

The Gentleman’s Magazine, Volume 76

Never laying any claim on this wisdom, the Rishis offered it for the benefit of mankind…Free of cost! With constant litigations over one patent or another, such phenomenal benevolence that Bharat demonstrates even today is unimaginable yet it liberally shared its vast riches with the world without any intellectual property protection!

In this day and age where we cannot print/publish anything without running it through a plagiarism checker, our lack of knowledge of our own history prevents us from identifying that vast treasure of Bharatiya dyana that are being incessantly mine digested and plagiarised by the West.

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