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When you use Soma NPT and Soma Analytics for BET, you can gauge improvement because you have data to analyse and progressive programming tools.

The point is not to get better at the test/drill. The goal is to induce a certain degree of mental fatigue that will add to the stress that you receive already from your body during training. In a world where Athletes train many hours a day, it is very difficult to include more physical work, otherwise, you may risk injuries and/or overreaching and overtraining syndrome.

BET is a solution to include another training stimulus or stressor in your plan without affecting your physical training.

The transfer of BET is a generic ability of your brain to sustain a high level of fatigue and still perform at an appropriate level. Science has demonstrated how physical and mental fatigue share common areas of the brain that activate. In other words, either you are tired because you have done a long run or you feel fatigued because a long day in front of your computer or a sleep deprived night, the sense of fatigue you will feel it is always generated by the same area of the brain. So you can train your brain to be more resistant to fatigue through targeted cognitive drills and your physical performance will benefit from it.

As previously stated, the use of cognitive tasks (performed in front of a screen or the computer) targeted for inducing mental fatigue, can help your brain to cope better with fatigue even during a physical performance or sport-specific skill. Fatigue (either physical or mental) is a major component in sport and handling it well is a key factor for success.

Because in humans it has been demonstrated that their ability to sustain mental workload, focus and attention starts deteriorating only after 30 to 60 mins. So all the research which has tried to assess the effect of mental fatigue has always used task`s with a duration that was between 30 and 120 min.

The concept of BET is to train your brain to sustain higher levels of fatigue. For this reason, the duration of the task is really important as a few minutes will not really produce the mental fatigue effect we expect. In general, it takes at least 30 to 45 min of sustained attention to start feeling mentally tired. So doing only one min sets, in particular in a fresh state won`t help much.

Perception of effort has been proven to be one of the most important determinants of sport performance. Any strategy aimed to alter perception of effort has repeatedly proven to change physical performance even without any changes in physiological parameters. BET has proven to produce alteration of perception of effort during physical performance.

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