Ignore Divine Law At Your Peril – Raiyan Ahsan

Three days ago, I gave up coffee for the third and last time. On two earlier occasions, I gave it up only to resume shortly afterward. Once for duty, and once for love.

But I have learned that it is fruitless to use coffee to improve productivity. Coffee increases wakefulness but does not decrease tiredness. This means my mind is awake, but my body is not. And as my mind has an inextricable connection with my body, that I do not feel tired does not make it so.

And so I grew insensitive to the needs of my body. I could eat without regard to its effect on my energy levels because I could always turn to coffee to keep me awake. This led to another problem. I wasn’t maintaining harmony within my body with regards to what I ate.

In the past, I turned to exercise to increase my energy stores. It was a part of a Nietzschean selbstuberwindung I attempted at the time. So, I could prepare myself for the dictates of duty. But since coffee appeared to do it without the time or effort expended, my exercise stagnated. There is no such thing as a free lunch. And this departure from exercise led to even more fatigue when I do not have coffee.

Now, I won’t go and trace coffee as the origin of all the ills of the modern world. But I will say this. Novel strategies are risky strategies. We eat what we eat and do what we do after toying and tinkering with our bodies for thousands of years. There is no such thing as biohacking. Or at least we haven’t gotten there yet. Ignoring the Divine Law is the road to self-destruction.

If you’re bent on trying it anyway, don’t forget to post the results.

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