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When you meditate, you’re learning how to focus your mind better and honestly, that makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to my fitness and the things that I’m doing to achieve my fitness goals.

I’ve only started meditating properly for about a month now. I’ve done visualizing but meditation was on and off. Sometimes I’d do it, most of the time I don’t. But since I’ve started doing it properly, I’ve noticed that I’m more focused on the task at hand. During my workouts, I really pay attention to what I’m doing, how many reps each set and how each rep feels like. I focus on the muscle that I’m working on, how it feels.

Better workouts, better results.

When I’m eating, I’m focusing on my food. Each bite, each chew, every flavor that I can taste, it’s all in there. At the same time, because I’m more attentive of what goes in my mouth and how much, it’s stopped me from overeating and I feel full faster and longer.

Less binge eating, less weight being put on unnecessarily.

Another thing that meditation has helped me with is controlling my emotions.

I’ve always been a pretty level-headed kid growing up. But after going into adulthood, coupled with the stress of work, etc, I tend to let my emotions get the better of me. Losing my cool, flipping over the smallest things, it just happened way too often, when it actual fact, it usually doesn’t need to.

But lately, I’ve been able to control my emotions better because I’m more mindful of the situation around me, I’m more aware of my own feelings and instead of letting it control me, I control it now.

Emotions also connects to how your body feels. If you’re constantly angry or stressed out, you tend to feel tired faster, longer. But if you’re more calm, less agitated, your energy levels maintain at a higher level for longer periods as well. That helps to elevate your performances during workouts. Most importantly, it helps you to want to workout.

When we set a goal, what are we looking at?

We’re looking at the future. The goal we aim to achieve is something that has not happened yet. It’s something that we want to see happen and we work towards making it happen.

But what happens when we focus too much on the future?

We do not live in the present.

I’ve been on my fitness journey for a little under three years now. But have only been consistent for about a year plus.


Because I was always looking at the end goal and was too focused on it to notice all the little progress that I made. I was too caught up on the bigger picture of what I wanted to achieve, I wasn’t paying attention to the little things that I had achieved and it got me down and demotivated. I wasn’t consistent because I didn’t feel like I was making progress.

Meditation has helped me be more present. To focus on the here, the now. Do I still think about my end goal? Of course I do but I don’t focus too much on it because it’s not here yet. But by focusing on the things that I’m doing now, I know it will help me to get there eventually. And this doesn’t only apply to fitness but basically anything in life.

It may seem like the two isn’t related but it actually relates more than you know. At least, it does for me.

There are probably many more benefits to meditation than the ones that I’ve mentioned but for me, these reasons have been very beneficial in helping me to reach the fitness goals that I’ve set.

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