Daring to Discover – Mack Falstein

How our greatest frontier lies on the border of the possible, and our greatest explorers are those who push it forward.

On every page in the book of human history, you’ll find the names of pioneers and explorers who ventured into the unknown, propelled only by the will to discover and the thirst for knowledge.

From our ancient ancestors who would wander to each corner of the earth, to the astronauts, who at this moment float peacefully above it, we are defined by our curiosity and our will to stop at nothing in our quest to understand.

The same is true for our largest frontier yet.

Many have called the exploration of space our final frontier, others argue that our next great discovery lives among undiscovered species at the ocean’s depths.

We believe instead of fur-capped woodsmen and starry-eyed astronauts, today’s great explorers are the innovators, scientists, and researchers pushing medicine and technology forward and saving lives in the process.

But there’s a problem…

The goals of the patient and of the innovator were always the same: return the patient to the best state of health as quickly and safely as possible. But these goals have become misaligned, forcing patients to become bystanders, passively observing their own Care Plan instead of the driving force at the center of it. Innovation funding has become deployed, the model has broken and Aevolve exists to fix it and return power and agency to the patients that have missed it.

We’ve done this by building a platform that allows innovators around the world to access the resources they need by connecting them with the patients and investors that supply them we’re able to offer patients hope and extend a hand as allies.

We’re here to ensure that scientists, doctors, and innovators around the world have the support they need to push medicine forward and so that another potentially life saving innovation never again dies trapped in the long and expensive approvals process.

By using new technologies to solve old problems, Aevolve is connecting patients with the innovators developing the medicines, cures, and treatments that they could one day rely on. By realigning the incentives of both patients and innovators we can return balance to a system that desperately needs it.

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