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Anabolic steroids are nowadays very popular topic. More and more people are using them so we will explain you the most popular and where to buy them. First, we will start where to buy real anavar online. Also called oxandrolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The get the best potency, some crucial changes have been made in the structure. This is not the injectable steroid rather oral that must be taken with food or water.

The reason why this steroid was created was to help with weight loss and to treat osteoporosis. Unfortunately, few years later FDA had banned this product. But the reputation of the steroid has stayed strong till today. Due to half life of 8 hours, it is taken 2 per day. The cycle should be around 12 weeks with around 45mg a day for male users. The dosage for female users is 25mg a day.

Anavar results

Let’s see what its benefits are and why people prefer Anvar over other steroids. First and main benefit is fat loss. This is one of the steroids that is in whole other category than the rest of fat loss steroids. Not just bodybuilders but people from fitness, athletes and celebrities tend to use this steroid. Great thing is that the food you eat helps you cut better. Fat loss is followed by a strength increase. You won’t grow in the size, get muscle but rather you will just feel more power while working out. The key thing here is that you preserve muscles while losing weight. You will know if the steroid has quality, if the caloric deficit doesn’t affect your muscles. During the usage you will feel more powerful, your food will give you the maximum and better oxygen circulation. If you like these benefits hope to our store and buy real anavar online.

Anavar for women

It is not possible for women to use every single steroid like men do. Anabolic steroids have to be mild with low anabolic androgenic ratings that don’t incite virilization. That is what women want and that is what they can find in Anavar. Using those kinds of steroids while keeping the low dosages, virilization might be avoided. This steroid won’t give them bulking appearance rather that lean look with harder muscles and an increased strength. Nothing to be worried about as water retention, aromatization are nonexistent and your muscles will be preserved during cutting. There is a small possibility of hepatotoxicity but much lower than with other steroids. Cycle should last around 6 weeks as results will be almost instant. Don’t increase dosages on your own, first contact your local specialist. Once your cycle has ended you should take some time off of steroids, so your hormonal levels return in balanced state.

Anavar side effects

There is one thing you have to remember if you plan on using anabolic steroids. Each one of them has side effects. Some of them have stronger and some of them have milder. A good thing is that side effects can be avoided if you follow given cycle and dosage correctly. Let’s see what possible side effects with anavar are. More common are acne, baldness, headaches, vomiting… Those are not serious but if they get worse you are advised to go to hospital immediately. They can categorize in 2 as they are different for male and female. So, men can expect prolonged erections, no that is not a good thing because you do not want an erection to be painful and to last 4 hours. Then we have breast tenderness and issues with urinate, lowered fertility. Female can expect deepening of the voice, enlarged clitoris and body hair growth. At least allergic reactions won’t happen but if you experience any of those side effects be sure to go to hospital or to contact a professional.

Buysteroidspro is a place where you can buy real anavar

Nowadays you can find anything you want on internet. That is how you can buy real anavar online on buysteroidspro. Another thing you must know before buying it is that there are counterfeits as well as authentic. Be sure to avoid those websites as you will end up losing money without any results. There are enough pharmacies with genuine products that will give you the results you desire. What we have for you is authenticity check on pharmacy’s website. Each product arrives with the code that can be checked.

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