A Public Radio Listener Walks Into A Bar: Your Stories About Drinking Alcohol

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Alcoholics Anonymous: Alcoholics Anonymous is an international resource which connects individuals who have/had a drinking problem. Alcohol Anonymous uses a twelve step approach to recovery and wellness with regular group meetings.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers information and resources around a number of different substances including alcohol. Call their help line (1-800-662-HELP (4357)) to be connected with assistance for seeking help and treatment options.

Al-Anon Family Groups: Al-Anon is a support group for people with a loved one who is affected by alcohol, regardless of whether or not the loved one has admitted to a problem or is seeking help for their addiction. Al-Anon also offers special assistance and support for teens with loved ones with an alcohol addiction.

Women For Sobriety: A non-profit organization catering to women seeking recovery for substance use disorders. Women for Sobriety has “certified moderators and chat leaders leading mutual support groups online and in person, as well as phone volunteers available for one-on-one support.” They welcome all expressions of female identity.

Self-Managing and Recovery Training: SMART recovery offers assistance to a broad range of addictive behaviors and substances, including alcohol. Using social support groups and a variety of other tools such as self-assessments and worksheets, SMART Recovery utilizes a “self-empowering” approach for treatment.


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