Important Considerations Regarding Strength Training for Youth

Steve Carroll earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University of Kansas and has been teaching and coaching since 1982. At present, he teaches and coaches at La Sierra High School in Riverside, CA. Mr. Carroll is also a certified master level III BFS weight training instructor and has given clinics at La Sierra High School and other schools throughout the US.

Weight training provides several health benefits to children. Some of the main benefits of weight training for children are discussed below, along with some helpful considerations regarding children and weightlifting.

Children who lift weights and engage in strength training increase their body awareness, motor control, strength, and self-confidence. Though there is no set age at which a child should start a weight training program, he or she should have good listening skills and be able to follow directions. Like adults, children must be able to perform movements using proper techniques before any weight is added to the movement.

The main goal of any weight training program for a child should be to increase motor control and body awareness while making the experience positive. An ideal program should not be specific to any sport, be constantly supervised, improve the quality of the child’s movement, and focus on technique above performance. A well-designed program will provide the child with realistic and attainable goals, and can be conducted with a personal trainer, in a group setting, or via online instruction.

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