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✚✚✚Summary: A beautiful relationship becomes stronger when sex takes part in it. Sex is a part of romantic life. People think that higher sex frequency can affect health but truth is that sex has various benefits for your life. ✚✚✚

✷✷✷ Sex is not only an act of attaining pleasure from it but also it is good for health. Sex has numerous benefits ranging from lowering down the amount of sex to reducing the risk of cancers. Besides, giving certain health benefits, it also enhances your bonding and intimate feelings with your partner. One can get special connection with their partner by reducing the anxiety and boosting overall health. ✷✷✷

☻ ☻ ☻ Let us discuss the benefits of sex one by one in details: ☻ ☻ ☻

☯☯☯ Boosts your immune system ☯☯☯

The research and studies show that people who take part in sex frequently have strong immune system. Sex makes your body able to fight against antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and other germs that are responsible for illness. One can have robust immune system by a healthy sex life whereas eating right, exercising, taking proper sleep and updating with all vaccination also make immune system stronger.

✔✔✔ Increase your libido ✔✔✔

Taking part in frequent sex helps in enhancing the libido. It creates natural desire for sex in men and women. If pain and vaginal dryness are responsible for low libido in women, frequent sex can help them to gain their natural libido. Sex promotes the lubrication of vagina, blood flow to vagina, and increase the elasticity of tissue that results in better libido.

✖✖✖ Lower blood pressure ✖✖✖

People who generally have problem of high blood pressure, sex can help them. According to research it is said that sex controls the high blood pressure. However, it cannot replace the medicines but in addition it can be confirmed.

✤✤✤ It is an exercise ✤✤✤

Sex also helps in reducing calories. When sex is performed it utilizes each and every muscle due to which it can burn 5 calories per minute. It cannot give as many results as compared to gyms and other exercises but it reduces the calories.

✥✥✥ Lower heart attack risks✥✥✥

Sexual activity helps to maintain the hormones like estrogen, and testosterone. Generally when the level of these hormones increases, the risk of heart diseases also increases. Research tells that people who perform sex at least 2 times a week have 50% less chances of becoming patient of heart diseases.

❥❥ Less Pain ❥❥

Sexual intercourse (including masturbation) can help anyone to reduce pain. During sexual activity, orgasm results in release of hormones that block the pain signal which ultimately keeps the pain away from your body. Some women have commented that sex stimulation have helped them to get rid of menstrual cramps and even headaches.

❤❤❤ Reduces the risk of prostate cancer ❤❤❤

Studies reveal that men who have frequent ejaculations lessen the risk of prostate cancers. The method of ejaculation can be different but it helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

☤☤☤ Improves sleep ☤☤☤

Sex helps the man to relieve stress because all the activities including in sex release the feel of good sense. It reduces stress and promotes good sleep. A good and proper sleep is a sign of good health and sex promotes good sleep.

Hopefully, this information will help you to know more facts about sex and its benefits.


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