What is the Material of Hot-selling Arm Sleeve-Full Analysis

Ice Silk is the trade name of a kind of chemical fiber, exactly say is a kind of denatured polyviscose fiber. The hygroscopicity and air permeability of the fiber are better than those of ordinary viscose fiber, and it also has better shape retention and drapability. Ice Silk also known as Rayon, viscose fiber, viscose filament. Ice Silk is cotton short fiber, wood as a raw material from the optimized processing. Therefore, ice fiber than cotton fiber, wood fiber is more pure in nature. The cellulose content of ice silk is above 99.5% . Cotton fiber and wood fiber in 95–97% , ice silk fat and wax accounted for 0.2–0.3% , cotton fiber accounted for 0.5–0.6% , ice silk chlorine-free material. Chlorine-containing substances in cotton fiber accounted for 1–1.1% . The ice silk does not contain the pectin and the polycondensates Shutang. Cotton has 1.2% . The other ash content of Bingsi is trace, and the ash content of cotton fiber is 1.14% . In several major fibers. The moisture content of ice silk is the most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin, with smooth and cool, breathable, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, colorful and so on.

2.What color is the sleeve

Many people think summer wear white, light-colored clothes will be cool, in fact, white or too light color will reflect UV, easy to harm the skin. Red Absorbs most of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so wearing red outdoors in summer is the most sun-proof. And Black, though the colour that absorbs heat the fastest, also dissipates heat the fastest. Experts suggest that when wearing black indoors or on cloudy days, play to its cooling function, can quickly drain heat from the skin surface, let a person feel cool a lot.

British scientists found that dark red or navy blue chemical fiber clothing is the most ideal sunscreen clothing. People usually like to wear light-colored clothes in hot summer. However, although light-colored clothes are refreshing to some extent, long-term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, especially the dazzling white cotton clothes Often, clothing contains fluorescent brighteners, which reflect harmful light onto faces that people can’t protect. In contrast, dark clothing such as red or navy blue is much safer.

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