Why I Haven’t Been Writing on Medium or Anywhere Else Lately

The reason I haven’t been writing at all lately

I haven’t been writing for anyone lately. Not my private clients, not Medium, and not Kiki Time. Not until tonight when I wrote this post about my birthday.

The reason I haven’t been writing anything is that I have been sick. The reason I have been sick, we lost our suboxone doctor. She asked my husband and me to come in for a pill count one day in June. We didn’t have the gas and couldn’t find any other ride there, and didn’t have the money for gas that day. Yes, my husband called and tried to explain but they wouldn’t listen and kicked us out. Kicked us out because we couldn’t make pill count one time!

We found another doctor but now we can’t go to the new clinic. When my husband made our appointment, the receptionist he talked to said they took our health insurance. I even talked to her for a few minutes and she asked if I was on Caresource too. I told her yes and she said ok and made our appointment.

I called the new clinic when we were getting ready to leave on Saturday — once a month on Saturdays is the only day they are open for Suboxone — to let her know we would be a little late. She said they didn’t see patients after 2:45 pm. It was already 2:30 pm and I knew we wouldn’t make it so I asked her if we could at least come up and fill out the paperwork. The clinic was 45 minutes away from where we live but we couldn’t find a closer clinic. She said that we could do that and make our payment too. I told her we have insurance. She said it was a cash or credit or debit card only clinic and that they didn’t accept insurance. I handed the phone to my husband and he told her the lady we talked to who made our appointment said that they accepted Caresource. She told him again, it was a cash or credit and debit card only clinic. It was going to cost us about $70 each, I think. We didn’t have the money and had to cancel. Now we are back at square one looking for a new clinic.

So, because of not having the Suboxone we need, we have been sick. I am getting a little better though. You get sick, like flu-like sick, without it. Like I wrote in this older story, with Suboxone, you are trading one addiction for another. You are trading your drug addiction for a different addiction. The one thing that has been helping me get through the day, except for the writing because I was too sick to do that, is my Neurontin. I have been taking them in the morning and at night and they seem to make the icky feeling go away a little. They take the edge off a little. So, there is that.

However, I am back to writing since I am feeling somewhat better. My husband is getting on the phone tomorrow with some different Suboxone clinics to find us another one. Let’s hope he does! The feeling of withdrawal is terrible. No one knows how it feels unless they have been addicted to something before. It sucks being an addict!

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