My Journey Throughout the Creation of my Individual Pathway Plan

In the GLC2O course, the main problem the fogged my mind was whom I wanted to be? I already had a career path that I intended to take, influenced by my family’s decisions and I was not really sure about it. It was some profession in the medical and health field and I thought of a few careers within that spectrum, including a family physician, nurse, and various specialties that surgeons can have. Since I knew that I wanted to go to university, I immediately thought of how I would like to take a path if it was generalized and I could still be whatever I wanted to be while my interests can change with age. I will have to take biology and chemistry in grade 11 and grade 12. Then I will apply to Ottawa University or McGill University with intentions of staying in Canada. After the completion of two to three years of university and getting a bachelors or masters degree, I will apply to medical school by taking an admission test which might include the SAT, GMAT, MCAT or BMAT, to get into the medical school course of my choice, which would be the faculty of medicine in McGill. This will happen as I continuously strive to get high grades and become an organized student. I want to pursue becoming a doctor or a specialist in the medical and health sector because I do not like to see people suffer. I want to be a doctor so I can help people restore their potential and have a second chance at life. Throughout my experience, while creating my IPP, I realized that and it made me truly understand what my parents meant by the benefits that came to be as a doctor.

From my youth, I have been influenced by my parents to become a doctor, but it was up to me to pursue it. As I gained an interest in science in my elementary and middle school years, I began to realize this dream was right for me and it would be giving me emotional happiness and will not hinder my future financially. I wanted to go to university, medical school, and then residency as it provided me the solid steps to becoming a doctor or a surgeon if I wished so. I decided on the McGill University as it is one of the top three Canadian universities in the 2019 World University Rankings, published by the Times Higher Education. Ottawa University is a second option for me in case I do not get in as it is much closer than McGill. I should be organized if I want to know what my future can look like. My working habits include being a problem solver and being open to new things. I used my skills from my learning profile and working habits to help me become dedicated to this research so I can become more aware of how my future would look like.

I used a few assessments that were compiled from the Career Cruising websites. I have also taken personality tests and saw which ones matched me the most. I believe these assessments helped me to determine which goals were right for me, though I already had the main idea of it. My strengths, interests and my level of resilience helped as well, as they determined how much I can commit to these future goals. My strengths from my learning profile were well-rounded so I had many career paths brought up to me. My interests were more narrowed towards the health sciences and my level of resilience was high. Since my interests were narrow, it helped me to become more resilient as I had only one goal to focus on. It helped me to grow as a person and believe what I can do is possible.

To learn more about myself and my future aspirations, I talked with my parents and my close family friends. I also talked to successful applicants in medical school and the Ph.D. Graduates. Although my parents knew me better than my family, friends and other people, the more people I talked to gave me a sense of what my future might look like and how I would achieve it. Everyone has had a similar approach to how they achieved their goals, but they were all different. This gave me further inspiration and that is what helped me to fully understand what I wanted to achieve.

After my research, I learned many things about me, such as what I wanted to do in life and what mindset I needed in order to achieve my goals. I needed a determined mindset. I needed to believe that what I needed to achieve was possible and to never delay anything because of regret. The benefits of being a doctor are also amazing. You get to see people revive their once beautiful lives and they can have more freedom. Illnesses, conditions, and diseases only wither the “sprouting flower” and without an antidote, they can never return to their sprouting phase. As doctors (or antidotes), the “flowers” can return, but it will have that sprouting phase but with another feeling. In the past, the “flowers” have experienced withering effects and the joy of its return is greater than before. I used this to guide me in creating my Individual Pathway Plan (IPP), by applying the knowledge I have gained throughout my experiences. I made a career pathway plan that addressed what I wanted and I found known methods to retrieve what I want as a profession. Though it will not always be the straightest path, with this plan, I will know that wherever I go, I can try to fall back to these paths and continue my journey.

The initial problem stated in my IPP was what I wanted to do when I grow up. Well, I can say that it was solved efficiently throughout my research and the assessments I took. This led to the creation of my post-secondary pathways of a nurse and a family physician. I will most definitely go to university and apply to the University of McGill to pursue my dream career of becoming a doctor in the medical and health sector. My journey throughout the creation of my IPP led me to determine a job that I can have while I am able to function to the best of my abilities and have a strong interest while I work.

This is my journey to my individual pathway plan. All the best to those who are currently looking for their dream career!

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