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Emma is an experienced and qualified Personal Trainer and runs JFA Fitness, based in Chelmsford. Emma was kind enough to let us interview her about her approach to Personal Training and what she has to offer her clients. Click the links to contact Emma on:



Facebook: @JFA Fitness

Q1. Hi Emma, what got you interested in becoming a PT? Becoming a PT was something I thought about doing my early 20’s but I didn’t have the confidence in myself to pursue it as a career. After having my second child I re found my love and enjoyment for exercise. It made me feel so much better in myself and gave a dedicated period of time just for me. I was attending classes where I could take my 2 children with me. It was great, no childcare or guilt needed, I worked out and they made friends or joined in if they wanted to. Lindsey from Shimmy n Groove suggested I became qualified. This got me thinking and I decided I’d give it a go. I loved the way exercise made me feel and I wanted to pass this on to others. Plus, if I’m honest I’d finally found something I was good at.

Q2. When a Client comes to you, what can they expect? A client can expect to come in to a friendly, non judgemental, non intimidating environment. I wouldn’t say I’m your stereotypical PT. I understand life can get busy and we don’t always achieve what we want to, but I’m always available for support and encouragement in or out of the session. I provide 1:1 or if you feel more comfortable coming with a friend I can do 2:1 sessions. On the first session I will chat with the client to get to know them a little bit more. We discuss why they have chosen PT, what they want to achieve and why. I will then go into the gym, which is a homebased gym and assess their capabilities. I will gather the information and build a bespoke plan to help them achieve their individual goals. I have learnt that with the friendly and intimate environment the clients are happier and feel ‘safer’ to open up and discuss their emotions. I’ve discovered Personal Training helps clients with their mental fitness almost as much as their physical fitness.

Q3. Do you track a Client’s progress and how? I don’t use scales as I find them to be unpredictable. I measure the clients every 5 weeks with a tape measure over various parts of their body and track how much they lose in CM’s not pounds. I also continue to make notes throughout each session as not everybody is there to lose weight / size. Making these notes allows me to keep track of their fitness levels and abilities. At the end of each block I can tell each client where they started and where they are now.

Q4. How soon can a Client expect to see results? Seeing results……This is a tricky one. I can guide, advise, motivate, support and encourage, but if the client doesn’t do extra exercise or adjust their diet results could take some time. Results also depend on what the client wants to achieve. I have some who come to be more confident with exercise and these results can be seen quite quickly depending on the person’s mental attitude and approach. I run a block of 5 weeks / 5 x 1hr sessions and I believe they will notice steps towards their goals in this time, however it is a working progress and consistency is the key.

Q5. Do you offer other services, like nutrition tips or food plans? Consistency leads me nicely on to the online programme I provide — The Consistency Plan. This is for people who can’t always workout at the same time. ie if you are a shift worker, travel with work or just have a generally busy lifestyle. These plans are designed for you to do at home. In the plan you receive the same encouragement and support from me as you would on a 1:1 or 2:1 PT session. Video workouts and written plans are sent to you along with a food journal and meal ideas. I am not a qualified nutritionist, but I can advise on healthy eating. You can join the private FB group so you gain as much support and motivation as possible as I’m aware going alone can be tough, so I want to be there to keep you on track. Another ‘service / product’ I provide is a FREE weekly newsletter. This covers many topics and gives you an insight into who I am. You can join my mailing list by clicking on, jfafitness Consistency Plan , or going to the website

Q6. What’s the best part about your job? The best part of being a PT is seeing people progress. This varies greatly from person to person and that’s what makes it so great. From people becoming more confident in their approach to exercise or becoming more mobile and gaining more balance, to producing the perfect press up or losing the CM’s they want to. Being a PT is very rewarding and if anyone ever wants to discuss anything they should feel free to contact me. or on FB/Instagram (

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