How Your Everyday Technology is Ruining Your Posture with Dr. Donald Littlejohn

The innovation of modern technology has undeniably changed the way we live and communicate. However, hours spent looking down at a mobile device or staring at a computer screen can cause significant strain on your neck, back, and legs. Dr. Donald Littlejohn, a highly successful chiropractor who has been serving his community for the last thirty-four years, has seen the effect of these devices firsthand through his many patients. He has an unwavering commitment to the health and safety to the members of his patients and community. As a result, he wants to share the following effects that technology can have on your posture, and some ways to help fix it.


Most individuals have a hard time putting down their phone and recent studies demonstrate that the average American checks their device an average of 52 times per day. However, despite increased accessibility, mobile devices also have detrimental health effects. The hours spent looking down at a phone can lead to significant neck strain. While your head is designed to balance on top of your neck, the positioning to view phones puts extra weight on the muscles in the back of your neck, which can struggle to hold your head in the desired place. Instead your head stays forward even when not using the devices, putting further stress on your spine, and leading to a condition often known to the public as “tech neck”.



Curling up in a comfy chair or on the couch to watch some Netflix on your iPad can seem like a comfortable and relaxed way to watch a show. However, the bending of your legs and lower back tightens your muscles. And the long time spent in this position to watch an episode of a TV show can keep your lower back unsupported for longer than is healthy.

All of this adds up to a situation in which your upper legs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, and neck, are regularly unsupported or actively put into a stressful position. Keeping these muscles constricted or in a position that they were not made for can make it difficult to keep a steady posture, as muscles become unused to their designed way of operating.

Every twenty to thirty minutes take a quick five-minute walk. This will keep your muscles from stiffening by being in one position for too long.

Sit up straight. When at a desk or table, keep your torso straight instead of sunk back. Your spine was designed to work as a tower, supporting your body straight up. A bent back for a long period of time can cause problems all across your torso. Keep your head up. Instead of looking down at your phone, lift your arm. It might seem less comfortable on the short term but will save your neck in the long run.

Through years of experience Dr. Donald Littlejohn has come to see the effects of these devices, and while the soreness after a day of sitting at a desk may seem minor, the long-term effects can cause serious problems when it comes to muscle health. It is important to note, the bad posture may seem to some like a small concern, but the bad posture develops over time into major issues that can cause serious muscle and joint pain. Hopefully with these simple tips, you can avoid that ever becoming an issue to begin with.

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