Creation or Curation for Kaoir Fitness?

An Analysis of Ethical Marketing: Creation or Curation for Kaoir Fitness?

For those who are not familiar with Kaoir Fitness, it is a company that sells body bands or “waist erasers” that encourage fat burn in the midsection of one’s body. Many people engage with the owner of the company, Keyshia Ka’oir Davis, online to share their experiences with the products. Keyshia is married to the famous rapper Gucci Mane, so she is someone that many women trust and look up to.

Kaoir Fitness is advertised heavily through Keyshia’s personal Instagram. She frequently uses other people’s posts on her own page to promote the results of her product. This type of advertising is considered content curation because it is taken from the original creator without compensation, versus content creation meaning the content is created by the company itself. Content curation is a popular method of advertising for companies through Instagram because of the loose privacy laws on Instagram posts.

The following is an example of a screenshot of a fan’s pictures and personal message to Keyshia which she shared as a promotional post. It is doubtful the fan is upset about this exchange being publicized, given Keyshia’s popularity. It brings to light the ethical nature of this type of content. It is interesting this type of content is acceptable because the content creator is a celebrity advertising for a business, versus the hate big corporations would receive if reposting the same type of content for their business.

@keyshiakaoir’s curated Instagram post

Keyshia herself advertises at times for her brand as well. She posts photos of herself using the waist trainer, but the effect is not the same because she has always been slim. The posts from people who have actually lost weight are more impactful, but are they ethical given these people are most likely unpaid for their contributions?

@keyshiakaoir created Instagram post

As long as she is not receiving backlash from her fans, Keyshia will probably not stop promoting her business through her fan’s pictures. It is a smart business strategy, because she does not need to pay her models for their pictures and is simultaneously interacting with her fans. Perhaps in the future she will consider some type of compensation for these people to give back to her customers. It would be a positive public relations move, and she would be rightfully compensating the people who provide her with content.

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