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We’re constantly choosing various aspects in our lives, to make an investment, of our time and finances. They become priorities and nothing else comes in the way. Parents invest in their children’s education, graduates invest in higher education or their careers, businessmen invest in startups or stocks and so on.

But are you as a student, a parent, a graduate, a successful professional, or as a human, are you investing in your personal or community health?

A great many humans have been reduced to nothing on part of their health. How will you enjoy all that you accumulate and live for, if you fail to address the needs of your body?

What will you say to your 40-year old self who has everything in life, but didn’t care much for what was happening within their own instrument and their own mind? You don’t just only live once, you also have only one body and one mind. What you cultivate is wholly and completely your own creation.

All my life I had thought that the family I was brought up in, didn’t have any generational roots or traditions. I could never fit us into a box and say this is where we come from. But in retrospect, I realize that of all things, my father invested his life deeply into health and books. He gave me a love of all things fitness and all things books.

And I can say proudly that, that’s my tradition. That is the tradition I would like to carry forward, in my life and in my community.

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