I went to an hour of hot yoga and survived. This is my story.

For those of you unaware, hot yoga is a trend creeping up in the white culture for the past six years. You sweat for a duration of a class, usually an hour, in a pod that’s heated up to 37 degrees with a bunch of others, going through the classic yoga positions.

What you need to know?

You’ll sweat. Like really sweat. It is gonna feel like your body will never smell of anything else.

The time will fly. Mostly because you’ll disconnect. An hr flew by and I thought it had only been 30mins. Also because you connect with your body and mind, so you feel like you’re trapped. You might as well enjoy it.

Will it be cult-y?

Sure. That’s half of the vibe. You come in, take your socks off. You’re dressed for the occasion- meaning barely dressed. You walk into a pod where people are in their savasana positions waiting for the instructor. I mean this part screams cult. Then there’s the part of instructing that’s about connecting and finding a moment to breathe drill. They’ll try to convince you to come back. This is why I don’t commit to these classes religiously.

Is it actually worth it?

Yes! If you get past the cult vibe, this type of yoga might have been created for people like me, who can’t stand the traditional one. Who need to sweat and feel like their anger is getting out some way. If you aren’t skilled, you might slack and your body probably won’t ache the next day. But the underlying feeling of it not being a waste of time and you actually doing something good for your whole body will overpower you.

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