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Image you are the captain of a ship, but without your crew you’re probably going nowhere. Your body is both the ship and crew, and you are the captain. Ultimately, you command the crew — and as long as your commands make sense to them they’re following. If you mistreat your crew or let them starve off, you are going to have some serious trouble!

In many situations, your crew is acting in a kind of autopilot mode. No need to explain what to do to keep the course. But if the ship is steering right onto a rock formation they start yelling at you bitterly. If you don’t listen, there is a chance the crew will knock you down and do their own thing. Don’t mess with the crew unless you absolutely know what you’re doing.

During your journey through life, your crew will react to the environment. If you managed to get through a storm and your ship is damaged, they will be repairing it as soon as you’re reaching the next harbor. And not only that, they will make it even stronger than before, at least so that you are going to safely survive another storm of that kind.

At times, your crew can be very stubborn. They won’t believe you that there can be even more frightening storms out there, so you really have to convince them. Once they have experienced that you really mean it first-hand, they will remember that for the rest of their lives. Granted, chances are they will forget about it a little over time. But at the slightest indication for an upcoming storm they’re going to quickly compensate for the lazy days.

And then there a pirates. It is good for your crew to know how to defend the ship. And what’s even more important is to make your crew know to recognize pirates. Especially for a very young crew, it may be beneficial to fight some small pirate ships beforehand; If there’s real danger upcoming, they still will have a hard time. But they’re prepared! At a long distance they will be able to recognize the pirate flag and signal you to take a different course. If that does not help, they at least know how to operate the cannons.

So, what makes a good captain? If you seldom leave the harbor, generously buy rounds of rum, your crew will probably love you. No complaints for sure, but the first storm, the first occurrence of pirates may wreck your ship. Hell, some ships even begin to leak while not even on the sea, they are sinking while finding themselves in a safe harbor!

As a captain, you and your crew are (wo)men of the sea. At times, your crew will mourn, yet reaching the next safe harbor will be another moment of joy. Be a good, responsible captain. Prepare your crew, but let them rest, too. When you and your crew are old and weak, they will proudly sink with you in that last storm. When the ship inevitably starts sinking, they will hug you and remind you of the great days on the sea, until the water covers up the ship.

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