Adam, med student (yr. 4), 2017 – Happy Doctors: Project

“I have had a number of random jobs throughout my academic career in an attempt to stay afloat. I kind of fell into modeling when I got scouted while catering in Montreal, but It was not until I moved to New York and signed with Ford that things really took off. It has definitely not been easy to have a job during medical school and I do get asked what my secret is or how I possibly have the time to do both. Unfortunately, the truth is I don’t have a ‘life-hack’ or ‘secret’ that makes it easy (I wish I did). It does help that my agents at Ford are amazing and have allowed me to prioritize med school and work with my ridiculous schedule. I am the type of person though that if I am given an opportunity to do something I am willing to do whatever it takes. So if I have to wake up at 4 am to go to the gym for two hours, then go to class for four hours, followed by two auditions downtown during my lunch break, then back uptown for another 4 hours of class, and then downtown again for more auditions before going to the library to study for a few hours before bed every day. I will do it. If I have to work on every weekend/holiday or change all my hospital shifts to night shifts so I can work during the day, I will do it. So far so good.”

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