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Okay! So you have decided to go to the Gym. Well, I appreciate it. For whatever reason you decided to join the Gym, you should feel proud of yourself because there are many people who cannot even think about it. Their life mostly revolves around 3 things: Eat, Sleep, Repeat. But you stood out and took this decision, so Kudos!

Now let’s come to the actual topic. I decided to write this article because I have seen many people who come to the Gym on the first day and from the second day, they are no longer to be seen.

There are some reasons this happens and I have mentioned some reasons below based on my personal experience.

On your first day, once you enter the Gym, you start picking up different weights and start doing different workouts and at the end, you feel so much tired and fatigued that you cannot even lift your hands up. I know a fire is lit inside of you to get in a good shape but just hold on. This is your “first day at Gym” and you know very well in one day your body won’t change a bit. I suggest you enjoy your first day, take a chill pill and do the following things:

  1. Try to learn the names of different body parts which we usually workout on in Gym.
  2. Learn about different exercises that can be done on different body parts.
  3. Talk to people who have been working out in the gym for a long time, get to know about their experience during their time in the gym and how they motivate themselves to come to the gym.
  4. Now once you are done with the above 3 steps and there is some time left, you can do some light exercises. Get on a treadmill and do a brisk walk for 5–10 minutes. Then you can move on to workout machines, put some small weight and do 5–8 reps of each exercise. But make sure your instructor or coach is there with you and instruct you on how you should do it.
  5. Now once you are done, it’s time to leave home.

Some links to help you with these steps:

Major muscle groups in the body:

Beginner workout routine:

Motivational video:

The whole idea is to gain more and more knowledge about fitness and about working out on your body. Once you develop some knowledge and implement it on your exercises, your workout will become fun and you will enjoy doing it. Make a habit of listening and following different people regarding fitness and find someone whose knowledge about fitness makes sense to you and keep following him. If possible, keep a notebook and make notes on what you learn either online or offline.

Here are some people who I follow regarding fitness and they really have profound knowledge about fitness:

jeff Cavaliere:

Abhinav Mahajan:

Jordan Syatt:

Calories queen:

Well, that’s it, this is how your first day at Gym should be. You will gather some knowledge about your body, you will learn how to perform some basic exercises and you will get to meet other people who are dedicated and consistent in their Gym routine. All of these things will help you to develop an interest in working out on your body and also motivate you to come to the gym the next day.

Okay then, take care and enjoy your ”first day at Gym”. If you find this article helpful, please comment below and also follow me.

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