A fitness app that encourages consistency.

We created a fitness app that focuses on the mental aspect of maintaining an active lifestyle.

This app is called . We’ve aptly coined it as an app that’s like a gym you only pay for when you don’t go.

At the core of is the desire the help our users build consistency and discipline towards exercising.

How it works:

works with fitness trackers (currently Apple Watch and the Fitbit).

The user sets trackable fitness goals they’d like to complete each week.

Currently, we allow our users to set total weekly miles, calories, steps, and minutes of physical activity.

At the end of each week, if they don’t meet those goals, they pay a penalty (which they set themselves). The penalty amount is up to the user and how much they feel is enough to discourage them from lapsing.

Is free?

Technically speaking, yes, the app is free. But only if you never fail a week of your fitness goals. For every week you fail, your penalty is the payment the app receives. In a way, this is the service fee for providing accountability as a service.

Why don’t we reward users?

We don’t reward users because the end goal of the app is to improve the user’s discipline and consistency towards fitness. There are many fitness apps out there that already focus on rewarding users for walking or hitting the gym (Check out GetMiles and SweatCoin). But this is not our goal or what we believe is the most effective way to get people to become more active.

We hope to solve the sedentary lifestyle epidemic one person at a time.

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