Soul Cyle London Just Opened So I Had To Give It A Try Myself

Something I will say that Soul Cycle does have going against them is the fact that they charge people a whopping 24 pounds per class. Most people can’t afford that and for one workout to be so expensive it’s something thats hard to go to often or even once. I noticed that other people also felt the same way.

Soul Cycle is a 45 minute intense workout filled with loud music. You go through a series movements switching between fast paced and slower paced songs. They also add in weights during a song to switch things up a bit. I would compare it to a rave on a bike. The instructors try and push everyone to do their best. A huge factor in what makes Soul Cycle such a hit are the dedicated instructors. In many’s eyes there almost celebrities. Having thousands of followers on Instagram these instructors also have a cult following. The instructors make the space. Mantas an instructor at the London studio opened up the London branch. One thing I noticed he is often engages with his following. He has been an instructor for years at a New York studio before he started up the London one. On social media he gets nothing but praise from the soul cycle community.

He’s gets a lot of praise from his online following about his classes.

I absolute love spin classes so when I saw Soul cycle was coming to London I knew I would have to check it out. I’ve been to quite a few Soul Cycle classes in LA and have loved it. Hearing that there was a Soul Cycle opening in London made me that much more excited to come. After all the chatter of this new studio I knew I had to go test it out myself. Last weekend on Sunday the 13th of July Soul Cycle had a pride ride. They also had one the week prior on the 6th. People including myself who went to the ride had nothing but praise for this scared space that was created during this time.

They completely decorated the studio for this event. They had a pride rainbow wall outside. Downstairs they had a rainbow balloon banner over the entrance to the studio. On the door and mirror in the stuido they have the quote, “Ride as you are. Love as you are.” Here are some photos I took of the studio myself.

The ride started with the instructor sharing words of love and motivation. She then reminded everyone that Soul cycle is a community who accepts everyone and is viewed as a safe space for people to express themselves freely. On this positive note we started the ride. I noticed that many people came to the rides with loved ones. Showing that many in fact view soul cycle as a space we’re they can come and be excepted as they are. The intrustor made this workout feel so much more than that. It felt like a social event where anyone was accepted. I had so much fun while I was there and can’t wait for my next ride. Many people had positive reactions this ride and I found some post where people expressed there feeling on this ride.

Kendra who taught the class had such a radiant and positive energy making the space feel magical. One thing she said in class that she reiterated in her post was that the ride didn’t need glitter or lights but instead was out attitudes and mindsets that made the class what it was.

Overall, I had such a positive experience at Soul Cycle. I think the community that they have created is centered around inclusivity. Although pricey I think everyone should at least give the class a try and their mindset around working out will be changed.

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