My personal potos from Soul Cycle Soho and Barry’s Bootcamp in Centeral London.

For the longest time I have had a very strong passion for fitness, I think it is the inner athlete in me coming out since I no longer play sports. Therefore, I decided to tell a story of two different fitness places and my personal favorites in London. Barry’s Boot Camp and Soul Cycle London, I have been going to both these places since the day I have touched down in the city and what’s new I’m addicted! They do have a Barry’s Boot Camp and Soul Cycle in American but I wanted to give them a shot here in the UK and see what’s different, the same, and alike. As soon as you walk through the door of both these places the vibes are positive, loving, and open to all. One of my particular favorite things about Barry’s and Soul is they advertise pride. Soul Cycle pushes the saying “Ride as you are. Love as you are.” I really appreciate having a community being open to everyone. This is also one of the ways Soul advertises themselves. They are always having fun decorations related to pride and cool new outfits that are rainbow. Along with the decoration and outfits on their Instagram, you will see how they incorporate pride in almost every other post. Barry’s also incorporates pride into their brand with selling t-shirts with the rainbow colors. Barry’s also has a phrase “Barry’s Family” meaning that everyone there is like a family and some might think it’s just a workout place but its really so much more. These are just a few of my personal favorite things about these places.

Looking at social media’s from both Barry’s and Souls home pages, they are very colorful and engaging to audiences. Also, almost all the comments are positive ones. Showing that these places have really adapted to the community and found ways to bring people in and keep them engaged. They both have very active Instagram stories and highlights, something we talked about this past week with @suellewellyn. Their stories and highlight pages tell a little bit about the brand and what they both do and stand for. They are very well thought out and are always fun to watch.

Barry’s Bootcamp & Soul Cycle Insagram page.
Soul Cycle showing there Pride in different ways!

Above we have Soul Cycle instructor Abby! She led a pride ride I did, it was amazing. The community seemed to love it just as much as me!

Barry’s Bootcamp has so many positive comments I almost never came across a negative one. Barry’s treats its community as a family, that’s initially what drew me to Barry’s. They created a space where people can come and get the anger, stress, and anxieties out. The public shows there love for Barry’s with loving comments and successfully going back to workout. Barry’s created an amazing community and is still continue to grow it. I would 100 percent recommend everyone trying it and actually engaging to instructors and other working out. All of the instructor’s are very active on social media as well and often promote their job, therefore promoting Barry’s more.

Soul cycle also has so many positive comments. Soul cycles goal is to focus inward on yourself and your soul. Hint SOUL cycle, all the instructors do a wonderful job of motivating and pushing you to be your best and remembering who you are. Almost every soul class I’ve been too I have almost cried because of how amazingly motivational the teachers are. I recently did a pride ride, this is where Soul cycle shows there love for the LQBTQ community, and invite them into their studios with open arms. This is why Soul stuck out to me more then other studios. I believe everyone should be loved for who they are therefore l support Soul and their movement. All Souls comments and feedback are always so positive.

One day I do hope to be a trainer or instructor at one of these places and maybe it will be in London! I have been so moved by how inspirational some instructors are, it makes me want to give that motivation and love to others. It has been so fun to be able to do a project I’m something so passionate about! Hope you enjoyed!

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