Why I Do Yoga – Author S. R. Crawford

I’ve been getting better and staying on top of my yoga lately, thus sharing my poses and trying to encourage others to try it out. Some people roll their eyes at it; some think it looks nice but it’s too hard; others find that it is just not for them.

Whatever it is, it’s up to you whether you do it or not — I’m not here to convert you, I swear — but I do suggest that everyone at least try it out first before setting it aside.

But here is why I do yoga…

It is so empowering to be able to control my movements and complete more complex poses that I once thought were impossible. The goals, progress and accomplishments that come with a daily practice is good for the soul, the mind, and the power you feel within yourself.

It takes great trust to be able to do complex moves. Being strong or flexible isn’t all that it’s about. You must trust yourself to be able to do it. When I’m unsure, I’m not as good. When I have faith in my abilities and my body, I can always do it. It’s very much a head game — like everything in this world.

Testing your limits, setting new goals, and going that little bit further is exciting. Yoga is a routine way for me to test myself and see what I’m capable of. It’s just me and my mat and a goal; it’s a wonderful way to challenge yourself in a healthy way.

Yoga is a wonderful way of feeling free. Your body feels weightless, strong, beautiful, relaxed…free from restraint. It’s the only time that my body feels good!

And of course, the Western reason for doing yoga is usually for mental health and releasing stress and physical tensions in the body. All this is definitely achieved for me, too. I reach for my yoga mat when I’m aching, overly tired, stressed, or feeling low within myself.

A few moves later, and I’m out of my head and into the flow, feeling the tension slowly seep away.

(Of course, it’s not always perfect. And it does take practice, trust, and belief to do.)

Yoga is especially important for me because I write so much that it causes a lot of pain in my back, my shoulders, and down my right arm, wrist, and fingers. This is no good if you want to be healthy and happy! If you want to keep writing, too. Yoga helps to ease the pain and keep my upper body strong for my day job!

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