TOP 10 Most Common Gym Mistake That You Should Avoid

These days people are becoming more and more health-conscious and the effect is quite visible in Top 10 Common gym mistake, the strength of people is increasing in gyms though government has installed open gym in all the parks still the gyms are in demand, the main reason is, in gyms one works under the guidance of instructor whereas in open gym you do whatever you like and make many mistakes and then instead of benefit to health it shows negative effect.

If truly one wants to build the body healthsfitness as per one’s requirement, then for this kind of work out a trainer is required and for this gyms are the best. But very often people make a few blunders, and then instead of positive benefit on the body, it shows a negative effect. Hence, certain mistakes are highlighted, such that one can take care of in gyms.

Gym mistake #1: Not Warming Up

The stretching is required because if we do the workout with stiff muscles then it may tear just like cold plasticine. But, warming up makes the entire body malleable and flexible, means with less wear and tear of muscles and shows better performance.

Gym mistake #2: You Don’t Have A Plan

Though it sounds understandable, having a fitness plan always works in getting fit; Good to have one session with a personal trainer where one can discuss the goals and then proceeding with it.

Gym Mistake #3: Inattentive With Deadlift

Harry (a gym trainer) recommends this deadlift initially should be 50% of one’s body weight for two sets of 10 reps, twice a week. Then gradually it should be increased to match its own bodyweight. By maintaining this proportion one will avoid the alarming backache for which many men suffer with.

Gym Mistake #4: Supervision is a must

To improve fitness, one needs to be pushed to failure. Never feel embarrassed for supervision. It is a sign of weakness if one is doing so.

Gym Mistake #5: Unstable body during weight lifting

If one feels that can’t lift with 100% control, then don’t try to push yourself. It is fine, better try it next time rather than never.

Gym Mistake #6: Best time for Carbohydrate diet

Harry suggested eating the majority of carbs in the morning or directly after exercise, is beneficial as it will be used as an energy source to avoid extra weight. In the night it is better to stick on whole grains (proteins).

Gym Mistake #7: Roadway to Progress

If one is keeping thorough track on the gym exercises, weightlift, number of reps, number of sets, kinds of exercises, etc. Keep a complete record of information. In this way, one can adjust and increase workout comfortably. It looks kiddish but is necessary. Take your own selfie and then track your progress. If one finds no change after a month of training, then one can bring out the changes in it.

Gym Mistake #8: You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

Quantity of proteins required is 2 grams per KG weight of body weight. So a 50kg man should ideally consume 100g of protein every day, suggested by Harry (a gym trainer)

Gym Mistake #9: Not Resting Enough

Gym Mistake #10: Focus on Cardio

“Avoid Mistakes for Best Gain”

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