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Growing up in an environment where you would be encouraged to play sports instead of just watching sports, going to the gym was rarely lost and above all, not for a longer period of time. That is why the mission of a week of working out may not be a big problem for some. For me it was strange. But it’s fine. As I grew older, it became more attractive to watch sports on television or listen to it on the radio. The pressure of life made it more conducive to my agenda and the ability to do things at the same time as compared to the pure approach that it would take to play and contribute to a team moving in the same direction.

In addition, the University of Montreal discovered that when discussing the impact of watching sports, observing ice hockey matches increases of the heart rate. The research led to the conviction that such observers increased their heart rate by 75%, and at a higher concentration level. The live viewing of the activity increased even more by 110%.

If such data is collected, we must look at how the results apply to people outside the study. In this case, not everyone finds ice hockey exciting. The likability of specific sports is a relative experience.

The Canadian study makes an important linkage between sports and activity when there is a consistent physical reaction that can come through jumping, waving hands, fist pumps, and other connected feelings. The lead researcher, Leia Khairythe, noticed that such dramatic reactions while the heart is pumping while vigorously makes a difference.

So can it be that the case we are looking for different ways to lessen our discipline necessary to truly be healthy and active? The entertainment of playing sports as an activity provides a mentality, physical adjustment, and team collaboration. The ability of a reward provides the enjoy-ability of participation in a successful effort. Such a feeling is tough to experience by purely just watching sports alone.

Although we can say that while watching a game can be an interactive process, it is not a substitute for exercise. It increases the heart rate and are not exactly reflective of the same benefits on cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, also adding through strength and weight training are not included to create more muscle growth. The more closely associated activities that we can draw comparisons are the triggers known for cardiovascular events such as heat, holidays, earthquakes, sex, and cocaine use.

The study of soccer fans are a better match than the risk of heart attack or stroke. Ideally, it would be best to workout before watching the game than during it. Studies show there is an effect on men, but the correlation between the emotional connection to a team is not. The traditional approach of being and doing what you see is always a healthier connection to vitality than just talking and being a fan of activity.

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