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Exercise is pivotal for physical wellness, especially for older individuals in their golden years. However, workouts during these stages of your life do not have to be mundane, general exercises that do not spark your interest. It’s best to think about what you want to do and what your body needs. In your later years, this usually means improving balance, mobility, and strength. While you should always check with your doctor first to see what is best for you, the following workouts are great for seniors looking to improve their overall fitness levels.


Commonly referred to as the most effective exercise in the fitness world, swimming is a great way to increase your cardiovascular health, as well as strengthen nearly every muscle group in your body. You don’t necessarily have to take a water aerobics class to reap these benefits either. Simply swimming in your backyard pool will do the trick as well. Swimming is a great workout routine for individuals experiencing arthritis or osteoporosis, as there is very little impact on your bones and joints.


Not all forms of yoga require nearly impossible stretches and bending your body to extreme lengths. A more holistic approach helps build muscle strength, core stability, and general mobility. This is another low-impact exercise great for seniors. While it is more weight-bearing than swimming, yoga is great for strengthening both muscles and bones.


Core stability is the main focus of pilates and is a little less physically demanding than yoga. This is also a great way to improve balance. If you’re new to this workout, many local gyms offer classes for first-timers, and the exercises themselves are fairly simple. Typically, these include bars and straps for resistance workouts, which you can then do at home once you learn the basics.

Light Cardio

For individuals on a time crunch, simply walking is an effective workout if you don’t have the time to go to your local gym or use a workout DVD. Getting outside and walking down the street is a great way to incorporate cardio in your daily routine, and it also allows you to enjoy the outdoors so long as the weather permits.

These are just a few of the many workouts older adults can take advantage of. Feel free to get creative and utilize what works best for you. Local gyms and personal trainers are always of great assistance, but if you have the fitness knowledge to perform these exercises yourself at home, the physical benefits are all the same.

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