Rumble Joins the Rosecliff Portfolio! – Rosecliff Ventures

We are so excited to announce that as of yesterday, Rumble is now a part of the Rosecliff Portfolio! We are thrilled to be working with Rumble and want to give them a warm welcome to the Rosecliff family! Here’s a little information on the company’s history and goals.

umble is an innovative boxing-inspired group fitness class that makes working out fun and enjoyable. Founded in 2016, Rumble was established by Noah Neiman, Eugene Remm, Andy Stenzler, and Anthony DiMarco who wanted to change fitness norms. Anyone from inexperienced teenagers to adult boxing enthusiasts can participate in a Rumble class and receive an unimaginable workout. Rumble classes generally follow a 10 round boxing and weights cycle kindled by hip-hop/mashup playlists that create a nightclub vibe. The playlists combined with the light system create an environment of energy and support. A defining factor of the Rumble workouts is the specially designed aqua training bags that reverberates the power from your punches.

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