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No. Not even slightly.

But also if you want to read the full article you can do that too, just know that its going to be a bumpy ride including some discussion of child sexual abuses. So you know. Feel free to back out now if you’re not down for that.

John Money, child abuser

I absolute hate having to discuss this topic at all, but it comes up more frequently than you would imagine, given how easy it is to disprove. The first time I ran into this attempt of a smear of trans people was when Steven Crowder acted like the trans community had been keeping it a secret and he was busting the case wide open for the first time ever… even though it had been an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit about 10 years prior.

Recently I’ve had a few people use John Money’s existence as weight for their transphobic positions on things, most recently being either Professor Rectumwall or turbodingus — Ian Miles Cheong. Yes, I could have just said IMC and ignored the professor, but I really wanted to call him Rectumwall again in an article.

First and foremost I want to say to anyone reading this that there is absolutely no knoweldge or good information we can draw from this case, other than “don’t abuse kids for science you creeps”. The entire thing is an ethical nightmare, along with having a terribly narrow view and shoddy methodology for the entire thing. Anyone who tries to use this case to prove anything either for or against trans people and our rights needs to really take a step back and cease.

So what’s the argument then? Well basically the anti-trans position is that our modern understanding of trans people relies entirely on the work of John Money, child abuser. This is argued because he is said to have coined the word “gender identity”, which may or may not be true — a lot of people were working in this area and usually the person who coins something is just the first person to get it published in their name somewhere. But either way its important to recognise that his beliefs and what he attempted to prove in his sick child abuse experiment are not in line with what trans people believe.

Trans people, and the medical researchers and organisations who support our rights and existence believe that gender identity is a thing that exists. One that we can’t really control or change. There are multiple different theories as to how or why it exists, such as the biochemical theory which suggests it comes around as hormones in utero or genetics. This contrasts entirely with what John Money, child abuser, thought. Which was that gender identity is malleable, and could be changed via nurture.

He attempted to prove this by taking two twin boys, putting one through surgical and hormonal transition and raising one as a girl and one as a boy. The actual events are a shade darker than this already black as heck, but santised short story. Whereby he also sexually abused the children by making them simulate sex with each other and on at least one occasion took photographs. There’s also the fact that David, the child raised as a girl, had to pee out of his abdomen for some parts of his life as the reassignment surgery wasn’t super either. Both of the boys killed themselves in adulthood.

Basically, it was a whole mess of horribleness which was directly attempted in order to prove the opposite of what trans people believe. What he did was what everyone in the trans community would call conversion therapy. Because yes, forcing a cis kid to be trans is as much conversion therapy as forcing a trans kid to be cis. We get that more than anyone and the only reason anyone would ever mention John Money and try to connect him to trans people at all is for a dirty cheap smear from a dirty cheap rat.

Oh and this kind of story is still happening, even today, even in our western soceities which should know better. If you never want to see a child go through anything like this again, please consider looking into the #EndIntersexSurgery tag, and donating to the cause.

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