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A simple guide on how to resolve life issues and develop ideas.

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void using your phone as it is crucial for successful idea development. If you can´t read this passage till the end, it means that your attention span is minuscule and you should consider visiting a physician.

You´ve been brainwashed through social media, Push- Notifications and excessive phone usage. As a consequence, it leads to an interrupted in-depth thinking process and makes you reactive. Staying away from your phone can dramatically lift your mood, enhance your state of well-being and give you a new perspective on your way of life.

If you follow the steps described, you might indeed resolve the life-changing questions that sabotaged you in your career or contributed to serious health problems.

Here is the idea development sphere:

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You go through 3 Stages.

1. Collect

2. Compress

3. Create

Subconsciousness is the central circle. Start with the question. The more profound the matter, the more revealing the idea will be. Our subconsciousness responds best to questions, as it’s rightly said:

“A question opens a mind, a statement closes.”

You have to be picky and single out the most challenging or sometimes an unpleasant question, that has a chance to either improve or completely transform your life if you get an answer.

To collect the right insight for your question, you can do either one or all of the listed methods:

· Meditation

· Journaling

· Sleep

· Read

The fundamental goal of meditation is to alter perspective. Nothing will occur or resolve if you sit there and wait. So, you have to be specific and target the question you wish to tackle; the silence will reveal the steps you need to take.

During Meditation or after you‘re done, you should note everything you experienced, or you could alternatively document your thought process based on your question. Observe how many issues arise while trying to resolve the critical question. Make a note of it.

As Thomas Edison said:

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”

Your mind will cope with the last string of thought you had before falling asleep and unfold it during the rest. Ask yourself the question, and the next morning, you will experience the revelation.

The essential insight, read! Most likely, you are reading this article on Medium, so not having any material to read is not an excuse. Otherwise, find the book that is bound to or directly connected to your question. Above all, reading will cut down your stress level, make you more knowledgeable, improve your vocabulary, boost your memory, focus, concentration and writing proficiencies.

The second stage is to compress:

· Archetypes

· Gut feeling

· Daydream

· Connect

There has always been a specific archetype of getting a life-changing idea. The most appreciated of all is Sir Isaac Newton:

“Got hit on his head by an apple and eureka!”

The dot´s connected and the law of gravity was discovered. So, it‘s imperative to trust this Archetype as quickly as all thinking and contemplating has been done. You will be hit by an apple or any other random happening, and the right answer will ensue.

To use my experience as an example, the gut feeling of:

“I have to write this book!”

Followed me for three years, yet it took me three months to write it. During the three years, I’ve deleted the whole manuscript two times, written a movie started the funding process for that and finally after all that began from scratch.

So, all in all, it took me three months to finalise the actual novel. Every idea that accrued during this time was through the process of writing. The gut feeling didn’t tell me to write this book but to write. To trust the gut feeling is hard, but as soon as you know it, you should go till the end.

Less of an extreme example is a daydream. If your phone is not available, then you have the luxury of not being occupied or distracted. Daydreaming is the most natural thing that will occur automatically as soon as you have free space to do so.

Be conscious and let your mind gaze, and connections will form.

Creativity boiled down is nothing more than connecting already known objects in a new way. Meditation, Reading, Sleeping or Journaling will enable you to see things from a different perspective. Don´t be afraid of new ideas. Connection at first might seem absurd, but after you let it sink in and test, it will provide you with new resolutions.

After contemplating and daydreaming, we proceed to the third stage, create!

These are activities that evoke new pathways in your brain and stimulate thinking. If you feel powerless to clarify your thinking, then get your mind moving, while you start moving.

There is always an option to take a walk. Don´t sit in your room if you feel stuck. A walk in the woods or just being out in nature will provide you with fresh thought and clarity.

As my grandfather said:

“An unorderly room results in an unorderly mind.”

So, clean it up! Don´t let your messy room mess with your life.

Talk to your friend, if that helps. If no one is around, talk to yourself about the idea. Often through in-depth conversations with oneself, there’s a possibility to experience a deep feeling of fulfilment and credibility in yourself and most importantly resolve ground-breaking issues.

And the most beautiful way of experiencing is dancing. Consider never to use a pre-learned set of moves. Let your body move in new patterns, explore the whole range of movement and let it rock like there’s no tomorrow.

It will hit you somewhere in between the talk, dance or even while cleaning. If the question is right, the answer will unravel.

Staying away from your phone is hard, and without a firm commitment, it will be challenging.

How long can you stay away from your phone? Is it one hour, twelve hours or even three days? How does it feel to stay away from the screen?

If you follow the steps described above, then you might come up the million-dollar idea or resolve the live changing issue that has been sabotaging you every day. You are not aware of what it is because you keep yourself distracted.

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”
― Tim Fargo

So put your phone away and a new tomorrow will occur today 🙂

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