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Black Coffee for weight loss

Most of us are fans of those fragrant chocolaty beans…aren’t we? Yes, for many around the globe, the day starts with a cup of fuming hot, aromatic coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and a sip from a cup of Coffee can indeed leave one mirthful & energized for the rest of the day. Of late coffee, black coffee to be more specific has become a popular name in the weight loss arena too. Coffee is rich in certain fat-busting compounds & enzymes that can make you miraculously slim. Black coffee slimming is one of the most popular slimming strategies these days. To know more about the use of Black Coffee as a weight loss agent, read on…

Black Coffee for weight loss: Healthy making & drinking tips

Here are some tips that you need to abide by to make sure your black coffee is healthy enough to bring about weight loss:

1. Avoid using added sugar in your black coffee. Adding sugar to black coffee can turn your coffee into a sugary, fattening treat. Instead of sugar, you could always use natural sweeteners like pure organic honey or Stevia.

2. Always take black coffee before afternoon hours or else the stimulant called caffeine in coffee may interfere with your sleep quality and pattern.

3. Never go over the board with taking black coffee. Taking it in moderation will spare you from the unwanted side-effects of caffeine in coffee. 2 cups of Black Coffee per day is fine.

4. Choose a reputed brand to make sure your coffee granules are of high quality.

5. Abstain from using artificial creamers in black coffee. Artificial creamers are highly processed and will nullify the weight loss power of black coffee.

6. It’s simple to boost the flavor, taste and most importantly the weight loss power of black coffee. Just add in some cinnamon or cocoa powder!

7. Black Coffee should be taken an hour prior to workouts. Drinking black coffee will elevate your energy levels and will let you perform better during the workout sessions. By working out in a focused manner, one can achieve significant amount of weight loss.

How does Black Coffee promote weight loss?

Black Coffee can promote weight loss in the following ways:

1. Say ‘No’ to new fat cells with black coffee

Black Coffee is loaded with one miraculous compound called ‘Chlorogenic Acid’. This compound is actually responsible for making black coffee an important weight loss beverage. Chlorogenic Acid reduces the pace of glucose production in blood thereby leaving less glucose in blood to be converted into fat. This in turn reduces the pace of production of new fat cells thereby helping you shed the extra kilos super fast!

2. Get rid of water weight with black coffee

Black Coffee can help one flush out the excess water in your body. It acts as natural diuretic for your body. If you are overweight due to excess water in your body black coffee can help you get rid of it by triggering frequent urination. You’ll weigh much less when you have lost the water weight.

3. Feel less hungry by taking black coffee

Black Coffee is an appetite suppressant. Caffeine in Black Coffee acts on Polypeptide, a hunger hormone released from the walls of large intestine. The secretion of the hormone is stimulated and that leads to suppression of hunger. Thus, you’ll feel less hungry when you take Black Coffee.

4. Increased metabolic rate with Black Coffee

The antioxidant called ‘Caffeine’ present in Black Coffee is said to accelerate your metabolic rate like anything. Thus, by drinking black coffee you can burn more calories than usual and will have more energy to expend all through the day. That will help you stay active and increased physical activity is directly proportionate to increased weight loss. Your energy levels can increase tremendously post drinking of black coffee and increased energy levels can help you undertake weight loss workouts with increased zeal.

5. Detoxifies body through improved bowel movements

Coffee granules make an amazing fiber food that has a mild cathartic impact on your body. This leads to improved bowel movements and purging of impurities from your body. Improved bowel movements lead to proper assimilation of food nutrients which in turn leads to good digestion. Good digestion aids in weight loss. Soon after drinking coffee, gastric peristalsis begins and that paves the way for amazing weight loss results!

6. Low calorie beverage

Black Coffee contains negligible amount of Calories. So, if you are on a weight loss diet, you can take black coffee in between meals without any guilt of packing in extra calories. That makes black coffee an ideal weight loss beverage.

7. Stimulate brown fat with black coffee

When you drink black coffee the brown fat in your body gets stimulated and that generates heat in your body leading to increased rate of fat burning.

How to prepare basic Black Coffee

It’s very easy to prepare Black Coffee. To prepare black coffee the ingredients you need are: coffee powder, boiling water and a sweetener (natural or low calorie).


1. Boil water

2. Into a coffee mug add ground coffee/coffee powder

3. Then add the boiling water

4. Add the natural sweetener

5. Stir and Enjoy fuming hot.

Other Delectable Black Coffee Recipes

If you wish to enjoy black coffee with a twist, you can try preparing it in different ways as given below…

1 Black Coffee with Almond milk

This Black coffee tastes superb with its mild nutty flavor and the richness of Almond Milk.

2 Buttery Black Coffee

Buttery Black Coffee comes with a smooth, buttery texture. But instead of the common dairy product; butter, you’ll use peanut butter here. It’s a rich source of healthy fat and it gives your coffee a heady mix of flavors!

3 Masala Black Coffee

Give a ‘Desi’ twist to your black coffee with common Indian spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaf. This flavorful coffee will simply taste great!

4 Iced Black Coffee

This cooling summer drink will prove to be utterly refreshing. All you need to do is to add ice cubes to your coffee to give you mind-blowing iced coffee!

5 Chocolaty sinful Black Coffee

Black coffee can be paired with rich cocoa to give you a cup of warm chocolaty coffee

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