A night out on the Lake and a pleasant surprise (Day 56) July 15

A night out on the Lake and a pleasant surprise (Day 56) July 15

Lifting is an activity that most runners decide to really not focus on. They put all their attention on hitting the mileage and paces that they don’t realize all the lost muscle mass from running. Some people actually end up underperforming because they do not put in the strength routines. To be on top of things, both my high school coach (Fulford) and college coach (Walker) made/makes us hit the weight room. So, I continued that effort today by hitting up the YMCA. I put in a really strong session that resulted in my arms being in constant pain for the rest of the day.

After this session, I went home to catch up on my blogs and get lunch from Red Cup (best place to work in town). Then, I got ready for work and spent the next couple of hours interacting with customers. I do have to say that if working at the restaurant is my destiny, then I would be completely okay with that!

At 8:30 pm, I left work and laced up my trainers for an 8-mile thriller. I started by going a mile out towards Dunton’s Doghouse and returned back home to hit the 2-mile marker. To get to 6 miles, I ran to Spruce Point Inn and back. On the way, I passed this fellow running twice and we waved at each other. To my surprise, he (Will) passed me for a third time on the footbridge and I decided to join him. It turns out his older sister works at Portsofitaly and actually knows my dad personally. That lead to a good conversation on the last miles of the run which lead to him inviting me on a run the next morning.

I finished up with 8.5 miles to my name and entered the restaurant a mess. I got my filet mignon, then got in the car with the other employees to hit up Lake Knickerbocker. It was 11:30 at night and we all jumped off the docks into the warm water. Seeing the moon over the night sky was the best part. It was fully bright and made the sky is picturesque.

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