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Ordinary — meaning that the character traits of a person belonging to the usual order of things. Superpowers are extraordinary, they stand out, and these abilities don’t fit into the ‘norm’ of things.

To be honest I have never thought of myself or as anything other than ordinary. I do not stand out in any way — quite the opposite actually. I am not flashy, I am not bold; I am quiet, reserved and independent.

I’ve been asked during several interviews, “what about you make you special or different from everyone else?” Questions as such are very difficult to answer because I don’t think there is anything special about me. When asked these things I tend to stick to very generic answers, that I am friendly, respectful and care for others — sometimes more than myself. Figuring out this ‘extraordinary quality’ would constitute as my superpower right?

So, in order to figure it out, I took to the Internet — as many millennials would do, and I took three online quizzes that advertise the intelligence to determine what my superpower would be based on my personality and answers to a few short questions. Despite the reputability of the quizzes, all three of them determined my power with distinct similarity.

A Mind-reader. You are an empathetic type and have an uncanny ability to understand what people are thinking and feeling. Your power comes as a kind and compassionate gift. You also have a high emotional intelligence that allows you to experience other people’s feelings without losing insight of yourself.

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Telepathy and Telekenesis. You have serious mental prowess, as you like to use your mind to solve problems. Characteristics of such a power include; being smart, resourceful, insightful, empathetic and a strong leader.

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The Investigator is authentic, resourceful and insightful. Investigators are curious, you are able to concentrate and focus on all information given to make an informed and always confident decision. You tend to be motivated by facts and if something seems inaccurate, you are generally the first to flag the issue.

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Interestingly enough, all three quizzes computed my power to be some a sort of mindful capacity, and all the quizzes made note of similar characteristics of empathy, resourcefulness and insightfulness.

I am not claiming to be some epic mind-reader, but I believe that I do have a strong ability to read people through their body language and emotions. Individuals have many ways of expressing their emotions through actions, through facial expressions and indirectly through speech. When I know someone well enough, I can be a good judge of character or situation and insert myself appropriately. Having a sense of intuition of when to step in, or when to step back allows me to be a friend, a professional, a sister, a daughter and play all my social roles appropriately. And yes, we do play roles in society, whether it’s believed or not, people’s central character never changes, however behaviours are modified through social influences. This idea is supported by many psychologists who have spent years studying the social influence and its power to manipulate people options and behaviours — termed by Eagly’s (1987) as social role theory.

Taken back to the summer before last, I spent the summer months volunteering at my local hospital — Mackenzie Health. My placement in the hospital just so happened to be in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and my duties included controlling the visitation number and flow of people walking in and out of the ICU, and being around to keep the families company as they wait in the waiting area until they are permitted, by the doctors and nurses, to visit their family or friend. Needless to say, observing the patients in the ICU was emotionally draining. It was hard walking back and forth through the halls while many patients, some conscious and others unconsciously lay in beds, under intensive care by nurses, doctors and medical staff, and restricted by machines that control their breathing, heart rate, blood levels, and physiological well-being. Being witness to a few ‘code blues’ in action was also emotionally challenging. Code blue — meaning the patient has flat-lined and the nearest doctor must get into the room and perform CPR and electrically shock the patient to try and revive them.

I remained a volunteer in the ICU for a total of one month. Not long at all, but it was long enough to watch the heartbreak of family losing their loved ones; long enough to hear the cries and watch as the nurses change over the rooms after a passing to prepare for the next patient in need of intensive care.

The change-over was the worst part. Tn the ICU, the inflow and outflow of patients never ceased to end, some patients leave alive but the majority don’t.

I recall on my very first shift in the ICU, the doctors told a family waiting in the area that — a father to some, a grandfather to others, a brother, and an uncle, had passed away. I felt devastated for the family, watching them cry and stress, I offered them tissues, coffee and I even gave the priest a call, as they were barely able to get the words out themselves. I held it together during my time at the hospital, but as soon as I got home, I cried. I cried for hours for their loss because it hurt me the way they were hurt. It terrified me that at some point in my life, that will become a reality with my family.

Having reflected more about my ‘extraordinary’ character qualities, I can confer that I do have a sense of empathy; I am insightful and even resourceful at times. These characteristics have been instilled in me from a young age, and they make me who I am today. The mind is an extremely powerful tool; understanding not just our own minds, but others as well is an insightful power that I would love to amplify and exhaust. Being a mind reader, an investigator, and having telekinetic abilities are all superpowers that amplify my own character and qualities; so, my mind challenging powers exist and they make me who I am today.

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